'LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean' Trailer Highlights 'Dead Man's Chest'

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest Trailer

Another trailer has released for Traveller’s Tales upcoming LEGO adaptation of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, this one focusing on the second film, Dead Man’s Chest.

Like the trailer for Curse of the Black Pearl, this first look features some of the many signature scenes and characters from the film, of course with that humorous LEGO twist.

Some of those key scenes that gamers are going to get to experience first hand include Jack Sparrow’s encouter with cannibals, the thrilling three-way wheel sword fight, and the climactic battle with the Kraken. Throughout these and other sequences in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, players will meet many of colorful characters from the series including Davy Jones and his half man half seafood crew.

With two more trailers expected to release, one for At World’s End and one for the upcoming film On Stranger Tides, gamers can see just how accurately Traveller’s Tales is capturing some of the highest grossing films of all time.

See if any of your favorite scenes made the cut in this new trailer:


After LEGO Harry Potter hit such a high note for these LEGO series of adaptations, Pirates of the Caribbean has some very large shoes to fill. With the game employing a much more melee-based style of combat many might be looking to this game as a step backward — towards the realm of Indiana Jones.

Luckily, Traveller’s Tales has revealed that LEGO Pirates is just as focused on the buccaneering of the series as they are the thrilling sword fights. Players will not only be able to cross swords with the likes of Blackbeard and Captain Barbosa, but they will have to deftly maneuver themselves through some precarious situations.

Both trailers have carried with them that signature LEGO humor that has made these adaptations so charming, but it really isn’t the humor that made them a surprising hit -- it was gameplay. Hands-on with the game’s DS version has shown some innovation, so we are hopeful the console versions can follow suit.

Which of the four Pirates of the Caribbean films are you most looking forward to playing through in LEGO form? How does Traveller’s Tales adaptation of Dead Man’s Chest strike you?

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets sail May 13, 2011 on the PC, DS, 3DS, Wii, PS3, PSP, and Xbox 360.


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