'LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean' Sets Sail With New Debut Trailer

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean was first announced last November and since then, we haven't heard even the slightest bit of new info released regarding Capt. Jack Sparrow in all of his blocky-plastic awesomeness. Thank goodness the fine folks at TT Games have decided to pull the vale off of the 2011 block-buster and release some new screens, concept art, and even a new trailer.

All of this has been released in order to give fans of the Pirates series and LEGO games a little taste of what they have to look forward to later this year. Well, that and the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie this summer...

The trailer is a LEGOified remake of the first scene in the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie, in which Jack Sparrow sales into port on a sinking boat. The scene has been redone quite humorously and is presented in a way that is sure to appeal to adults and children alike. Watch end enjoy the first trailer for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean:


Accompanying the debut trailer are some equally wonderful screenshots showing off the game's "Port Royal" level. Even though the parts made of LEGO aren't quite as serene as the real world surroundings, the screens contain pics of a some visually stimulating level design and water effects. The graphics presented in this game seem to be the best of the LEGO series to date. Check out gameplay screens for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, in all of their high-res glory, right here.

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The gameplay looks pretty nice, right? The first thing that's easily noticeable in the screens is just how much more realistic TT Games has made the water look. If the gameplay pictures of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean in action weren't enough to get some of you even mildly excited for its impending release then the game's artwork must have. The artwork for the title managed to capture some very beautiful scenery, and even though the final product likely won't look like this, they are still very interesting.

There's no official release date yet and we don't expect LEGO Pirates for quite awhile, but there's always LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (which recently received a delay) to keep LEGO heads occupied in the meantime. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean will probably see release around the same time that Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides sees its release in theaters.

Are you excited to experience the thrills of Pirates of the Caribbean in LEGO form?

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