'LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean' Trailer Shows 'The Curse of the Black Pearl'

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl Trailer

Disney Interactive Studios and Traveller’s Tales Games have just released a new trailer for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean that shows how the game will accurately capture the first film in the series: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Although this sneak peak at the game features an in-depth look at Curse of the Black Pearl, the complete game will feature a LEGO version of each of the three previously released films along with an adaptation of this summer’s On Stranger Tides.Though the trailer gives only a brief look at the combat, instead choosing to showcase how Traveller’s Tales has captured some of the film’s iconic scenes, Game Rant’s Christian Spicer went hands-on with the 3DS version of the game - and discovered that it leans heavily toward the platforming side of things. There will, of course, be the typical swashbuckling gamers have come to expect, but along with that element will be a unique series of platforming mechanics that utilize the inherent strengths of the fantastical characters contained within the Pirates universe.

Based on the trailer, it is evident that LEGO Pirates will hit all of the major beats seen in Black Pearl and carry the signature sense of humor gamers love in Traveller’s LEGO games. See if you can spot some of your favorite scenes in the trailer below:


After LEGO Indiana Jones, many thought that the LEGO series of adaptations had finally run their course, especially after the release of LEGO Indiana Jones 2. Thankfully, LEGO Harry Potter was right around the corner to give the franchise a much-needed shot in the arm.

With the development of LEGO Harry Potter the series once again discovered that it wasn’t so much about taking a popular property and adapting it to a video game format, it was about taking a property that had its own inherent whimsy - and using that to the game’s advantage.

Whether or not this swashbuckling LEGO adaptation of Pirates of the Caribbean can continue the resurgence that Harry Potter started is yet to be determined, but if the game can capture each film with the same irreverent tone it looks to be applying to Black Pearl, it should be clear sailing ahead.

Do you think that LEGO Pirates will deliver the same magic that LEGO Harry Potter brought back to the series? Which of the four movies’ storylines are you most interested in experiencing in LEGO form?

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean releases May 13, 2011 for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, DS, 3DS, PSP, and Wii.

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