LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End Trailer

Yet another trailer has been released for Traveller’s Tales‘ LEGO adaptation of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, this one centered on the third film, At World’s End. Like the two trailers that preceded it, this trailer gives a brief overview of the key moments from At World’s End — all in LEGO form.

For those who might be unfamiliar, At World’s End saw the trio of Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan, and Will Turner battling fabled seaman Davy Jones and his crew in hopes of freeing Jack from his obligations to Jones. It wasn’t the most popular film from the series, but it was still nonetheless very profitable.

Of course, with these LEGO games it isn’t so much about the storyline of the property from which the adaptations come, but the signature LEGO humor gamers have come to expect. Very much in full force in the trailer is that humor, but for this particular film there are also some very epic action set pieces.

Check out the trailer for At World’s End below:

[bitsontherun N6GEAyDQ]

With only one more piece of the puzzle left to complete the picture of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, gamers should be plenty decided on whether or not this one is worth picking up. Set to release alongside On Stranger Tides this May, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean will take many of the lessons learned from previous LEGO titles to make the most engaging experience yet.

Of course, any series that has run as long as Traveller’s Tales’ doesn’t get there without some innovation. Hands-on experience with the game has shown that the buccaneering aspect of the series, and pirates in general, will be much more prevalent than just straight combat.

Many might not associate buccaneering with the LEGO games, as they got their start in the very melee-based combat of the Star Wars series, but after jumping from Indiana Jones to Harry Potter, all bets are off. It’s undoubtedly the same LEGO experience, but LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean looks to be the most audacious LEGO game yet.

Does LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, the first LEGO adaptation to release alongside a film release, feel like a cash grab or of the same spirit as the other adaptations?

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean releases May 10, 2011 for PC, DS, 3DS, Wii, PS3, PSP, and Xbox 360.