Help LEGO & 'Minecraft' Join Forces in the Real World

LEGO Cuusso is a collaborative website between LEGO Group and their Japanese partner Cuusoo where blockheads are able to submit ideas on sets they would like to see from LEGO. If an idea gains 10,000 supporters it might possibly get produced.

It’s no shock that Mojang, the people behind Minecraft, seized the opportunity to create some sets they’d love to see become reality.

Minecraftafter all, is basically one big LEGO playground. On the LEGO Cuusso Minecraft page Mojang stated that:

“Seeing LEGO Minecraft sets is also our dream, so we linked to one of the projects. It’s clear to us that there are many creative people with good ideas for this and we want to throw our own hat into the ring and start this project to bring the best LEGO Minecraft builders together.”

Minecraft developer Daniel Kaplan has tweeted about the partnership, asking fans to continue to vote and stating, “We are working directly with LEGO to make this happen.” Ample evidence that this is less about if and more about when this collaboration will happen.

LEGO ihas seized every opportunity to grow and reshape their image in an attempt to keep up with the times. Starting with their line of famous building sets they have expanded, inspiring books, movies and even video games. While many LEGO sets have inspired video games, this would be the first to have it the other way around. We have another game LEGO might want to consider for their second - LEGO Gears of War.

Let’s face it, LEGO and Minecraft would be a perfect marriage. These two companies fit together as nicely as, well, you get where I’m going with this.

Minecraft is available for PC, iOS and Android now and for Xbox 360 with Kinect in 2012.


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Source: LEGO Cuusso

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