LEGO 'Minecraft' Set Coming this Summer

LEGO Minecraft Available this Summer

It's been a long time since I invested in a set of LEGOs. They're expensive nowadays, and now I've got the quintessential video game version of those ageless blocktastic toys. The game is none other than Minecraft, and it can be found on PC, Android, and iOS devices for a lot less than even a handful of the brand name blocks.

Obviously, Mojang saw the similarities between their smash-hit indie title and the infamous toy brand, so they confirmed that LEGO Minecraft was happening.

Today Mojang has released more information on the upcoming product by giving fans a release window, some fresh new images of the collectible, and even a Mojang-made commercial. The sets themselves aren't what fans were expecting, considering that the sets are actually miniature, but Minecraft diehards are going to end up losing cash quicker than they may have anticipated. The LEGO CUUSO blog claims that a miniature version was decided upon because it “packs the most Minecraft DNA into the model per LEGO brick,” and we're hard-pressed to argue with the results.

Not only will those brave enough to venture forth into the world of LEGO Minecraft receive an impressive blocky terrain to build, but they'll also score two "Micro Mobs" in the form of the game's protagonist Steve and the iconic Creeper. The set, while small, looks to be one of the best collectibles ever made in the history of all time. If you don't believe me, then just take a look at the final product for yourself.

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While all that is fine and dandy, Mojang also took to the Internet to self promote the pending LEGO release, and the end result is another classic video that just wants to make you drop even more cash on Minecraft-branded merchandise.


The set is currently scheduled to land later this Summer for the unreasonable fee of $34.99. Those looking to ensure that they'll be able to nab this collector's set can pre-order the product at J!NX right now, although Mojang has yet to specify exactly when the final product will launch this Summer. If you're too cool to pre-order the LEGO Minecraft set now, you'll be able to purchase it on and a few other select LEGO brand retailers when it's available later this year. 1% of proceeds generated from each sale will also be donated to charity, so at least you'll be doing about $.35 of good for treating your inner-fanboy.

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Sources: LEGO CUUSO & J!NX

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