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Lego Mass Effect 2 Normandy SR2

There's been a lot of Mass Effect news hitting the internet in the past month with Mass Effect 3 confirmed at the VGAs and this weekend, the announcement of new DLC for Mass Effect 2. If that wasn't enough, here's something that might even more more creative and cool. The following LEGO recreations of ME vehicles aren't new to the net, but that doesn't make them any less awesome!

First up we have a recreation of the Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect 2. This was created by Ben Fellows, and he put a lot of time and effort into this model.

The model of the UT-47 Shuttle next to the Normandy shows the scale of this massive LEGO creation. Ben even went the extra mile and created a hangar bay for the shuttle to fit in. All that's needed now is the M-44 Hammerhead to complete the collection.

Lego Mass Effect 2 Normandy SR2

To view more of Ben's work, head over to his site on MOCpages to see the Normandy alongside the Shuttle Discovery and a closer look at this Lego masterpiece.

When we brought news of the new ME2 DLC, Game Rant asked its readers what type of content they would like to see added to to the game. A debate regarding the Mako sprung up and those faithful fans can bask in the glory that is the 'Lego Mako'.

Lego Mass Effect Mako

This particular set was created by Justin Stebbins and while this model of the Mako isn't as massive as the Normandy, it's very impressive and accurate none the less. Justin is a big fan of BioWare and it shows in his attention to detail on the Mako.

When playing the original Mass Effect we didn't get to see the interior of the Mako. Justin changed all that by creating compartments for his lego recreations of Ashley Williams, Kaidan Alenko, and Cmd. 'Justin' Shepard.

Lego Mass Effect Mako

To see more of this model and Justin's extensive library of LEGO video game creations, head over to his site at Saber-Scorpion.

After viewing these works of art one question comes to mind. Why hasn't LEGO created sets based on this video game franchises? It's understandable why LEGO wouldn't create sets based on Mass Effect since it's not kid friendly and they have a mostly-anti-gun-except-for-Star-Wars-policy however, they could tap into a whole new market of adults who grew up with the bricks, and have the disposable income to spend on premium kits. Gamers spend a ton on game related swag, and won't think twice about dropping some cash on an awesome Lego kit of the Normandy.

There's always Mega Blocks and they make the very cool and extensive sets for the Halo franchise... Best work on this license too.

Would you like to see LEGO make more kits based on video game franchises? If so,what other games would you like to see get the brick treatment?

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