Back in December we learned that LEGO would be making toys for one of our favorite book series and movie franchises, The Lord of the Rings. Since LEGO is all about the licensed properties, we knew damn well that they’d be adapting it for a video game series. Having done Harry Potter, Star WarsIndiana Jones, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc., a Lord of the Rings LEGO game was inevitable.

And what great timing would it be for such a game to release with the first part of The Hobbit releasing this fall, bringing back many of the familiar faces from Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy? As we’ve learned today thanks to pesky trailers, that’s exactly the plan.

When sample units of the LEGO Lord of the Rings were sent to reviewers, we found out that listed on the boxes were the names of developer Traveller’s Tales (who make all the LEGO video games) and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive. At that point it was unofficially confirmed that a game(s) was on the way and it was only a question of when.

Thanks to another retailer fail (or is it intentional marketing?) on the part of ShopTo, we may have found the release date. According to listings, LEGO Lord of the Rings releases October 26, 2012. The page was quickly removed but not before it was cached by Google for us to nab a screenshot.

LEGO Lord of the Rings Release Date

The LEGO games have always offered a fun family-friendly, couch co-op experience and we expect more of that from Lord of the Rings, hopefully with more players, more features and a reduction of repetition – found in a lot of their releases.

We now wonder if the game will cover just the first film in the series (The Fellowship of the Ring) or if they’ll take the Harry Potter approach in grouping the trilogy together, then doing a follow-up grouping The Hobbit films together. The latter option seems most likely.

Warner Bros. Interactive will likely make the official announcement soon, especially if they plan to showcase the game at E3 in June. I call LEGOlas!

LEGO Lord of the Rings (might be coming) October 26, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 (and other consoles).

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Source: ShopTo (via Eurogamer)