LEGO Gears of War Needs to Happen

LEGO Bricks Gears of War stop-motion video

LEGO, the (expensive) buildable blocks everyone knows and loves, is now a big part of video gaming. From Batman and Star Wars to Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, more and more official licenses are getting the silent/creative digital treatment as LEGO-based video games.

LEGO has a policy with their toys to keep out modern weapons so this is the reason you don't see guns and such in their toy lines and why Halo is with Mega Bloks. Money talks of course, so Star Wars LEGO is chock full of of futuristic weapons but that's besides the point. When it comes to the LEGO video games, we want lots of guns... with chainsaws and gore! (aka LEGO Gears of War).

This is exactly what a dedicated group of fans want as well and to demonstrate how awesome this would be, they created a Gears of War battle, authentic in every detail and sound from Gears of War 3, but using LEGO characters, pieces, monsters and landscapes.

Watch and enjoy the amazingly entertaining LEGO Gears of War stop-motion work, Bricks of War:


Well done, Kooberz Studios!

They even include the grenade toss and active reloads! Epic Games must be loving this and if Cliff Bleszinski wants to see Gears of War crossover into Mortal Kombat, we want to see it cross over into LEGO. It won't happen though.

The beauty of LEGO is that what can be created with it is only limited by the imagination and motivation of its users. We've seen dedicated enthusiasts recreate the Normandy starship from the Mass Effect series, and if you dug this Gears of War recreation, you absolutely must watch the Black Ops LEGO stop-motion video which is even better.

For the Gears lovers (read our Gears of War 3 review), also be sure to check out the mind-blowing LEGO Lancer (which actually works). We want one.


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