‘Lego: First Person Shooter’ Gives ‘Portal,’ ‘Skyrim,’ and ‘Bioshock’ A New Look

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Since the Lego empire first made its surprising crossover into the world of games, the franchise has tackled some of the biggest IPs and genres available. From Star Wars to Lord of the Rings to Marvel Super Heroes; the Lego brand has something to offer just about every gamer. That appeal is likely to continue growing in the next year as LEGO Dimensions adds Back to the Future, The Simpsons, and a laundry list of other IPs to its arsenal.

There is a lot of speculation that the typical Lego adventure gameplay we’ve all grown accustomed to may change with this upcoming toys-to-life game, but we haven’t had a hands-on experience yet to confirm that. The Lego series usually concentrates on puzzle-solving, teamwork, and button mashing combat; which sounds simple, but has led to some great games. One area we haven’t seen Lego move into yet is the first-person action/shooter genre, but thanks to a fan-made video, we can finally see just how awesome that would be.

YouTuber Andrewmfilms takes the world of Legos to the first-person perspective, throwing child-freidnly violence violence and scary obstacles at the user – something that Lego fans are certainly not used to. The 3D animated tribute to Lego recreates some of the most popular and iconic FPS experiences ever, including; Bioshock, Counter-Strike, and Portal.

Lego First Person Shooter

The video does a fantastic job of recreating the look and feel of real-life Legos. The characters featured in the video in the video move much more like Legos pieces would in reality, rather than the more fluid way they do in current Lego games. That Robot Chicken-esque touch combined with the references to iconic weapons, characters, and mechanics from the other games make the video a must-see for fans of gaming.

The video kicks off with the legendary cold open to Portal and the action continues from there. Seeing the magic user attacks from Skyrim and the world of Rapture recreated in Lego kind of makes us wish that those franchises would be joining Portal as add-on content for LEGO Dimensions. Counter-Strike players will also get a kick out of seeing the Lego jump up and down during the video’s final shoot out before the gamer rage quits… Just like a lot of players would do in real life while playing the game.

The Lego: First Person Shooter video isn’t quite as flashy as the recent Halo vs Call of Duty live action short, but it is just as entertaining and crams even more gaming references into just about the same running time. If you enjoyed the video, the creator has a list of other video game-inspired shorts on his channel.

What do you think of the Lego: First Person Shooter video? Would you like to see a feature-length Lego game use this style?

LEGO Dimensions releases on September 27, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube