GR Pick: Custom 'Destiny' LEGO Minifigs are Awesome

Destiny Custom LEGO Minifigs

After a successful beta test, dozens of gameplay videos and trailers, and detailed Q&As, it's safe to say excitement for Destiny is at an all-time high. Gamers are chomping at the bit to get their hands on Bungie's new game, so much so that they've begun offloading some of that enthusiasm in some pretty creative ways. One gamer/fan, for example, has created a set of LEGO minifigs inspired by the Guardians of Destiny.

As most know, Guardians are a special group of individuals in the world of Destiny, imbued with unique powers and tasked with protecting the last bastion of humanity. These Guardians are also virtual representatives for the players, customized with all manner of cool armor, weapons, and other trinkets.

The three minifigs highlight the three available classes in Destiny: the Titan, the Warlock, and the Hunter. While each has a similar design in terms of overall aesthetic, Bungie hopes that the three classes' unique characteristics will help reinforce Destiny's three-player co-op experience. They also make for some pretty cool looking minifigs as well.

As it turns out, these LEGO Destiny minifigs are just a small piece of Flickr user Exxtrooper's custom collection. Exxtrooper has also made a minifig for Mass Effect 3 that features the Geth companion Legion. Check him out below:

Mass Effect Legion LEGO Minifig

While the concept of combining LEGO and pop culture is nothing new, especially not for video games, these Destiny custom minifigs are sure to catch the attention of not just fans but also Bungie. There's no guaranteeing that the developer might be able to work out a deal with LEGO to create sets inspired by Destiny's world, but let's just say there are plenty of options. LEGO sparrows, LEGO space ships, LEGO Ghost, LEGO spider tanks – Destiny could support a wide variety of play sets. We already know there are more LEGO Minecraft sets on the way, so who's to say Destiny might not be next?

For now, though, we'll simply have to enjoy these custom LEGO minifigs and hope.

What do you think of these Destiny-inspired LEGO minifigs? Would you buy a LEGO Destiny set if the company released one?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: Flickr

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