'LEGO Batman 3' Screenshots Reveal Gorilla Grodd & New Odym Level

LEGO Batman 3 Screen - Gorilla Grodd Snarl

As the Beyond Gotham subtitle implies, LEGO Batman 3 will be taking players outside the bounds of the Dark Knight's troubled city. More specifically, the game will take players on an interstellar journey that features some of the DC Comics Universe's more iconic planets.

On top of that, LEGO Batman 3 features an even bigger cast of DC Comics characters that includes everyone from Bat Cow to Batman '66 (voiced by Adam West, of course). Today, Traveller's Tales has revealed a few more additions to their LEGO Batman 3 roster, and revealed a new level: Odym.

In the screenshots above and below, readers can see that Traveller's Tales and Warner Bros. are going for a balance of familiar faces and "deep cuts" for LEGO Batman 3's roster. For every John Stewart/Green Lantern there's a Black Manta or Gorilla Grodd. However, as most LEGO fans know, these characters are mostly of the unlockable type, meaning they won't be playable during the story campaign.

Speaking of that story campaign, we know very little about TT Games' plans, only that the Green Lanterns have a large role to play in them. To that point, we bring news that the latest LEGO Batman 3 level joining the fold is Odym, the Blue Lantern Corps' home planet.

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So, putting that all together it's safe to assume that after Robin and Batman depart Gotham for The Watchtower — a sequence featured heavily in gameplay demos — their mission may involve visiting the various Lantern Corps home planets. Obviously, the Green Lantern planet of Oa is a must, but now we know that Odym is on that list too.

Aside from that, though, a lot of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham's story is a mystery. But with a reported 150 characters on the roster, there are presumably still plenty more reveals in the works.

More importantly, our hands-on time with LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham left us eager to play more. Smart additions like quick costume switching and a decided focus on gameplay variety prove that TT Games isn’t just replicating the last game, and as LEGO game fans that has us excited.

What iconic DC Comics locations would you like to see the game visit? Are there any obscure characters you hope make the roster?

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham releases later this fall on current-gen and last-gen platforms.


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