‘LEGO Batman 3’ Adds Batman ’66 Voiced by Adam West

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LEGO Batman 3 Comic Con Panel

While DC Comics fans all have their favorite iterations of Batman throughout the ages, there exist a few beloved versions that will always hold a special place in fans’ hearts. For example, Adam West’s ’60s Batman has stood the test of time, partly because that character is so markedly different from all other iterations and partly because West is such a likeable actor. And that iteration has seen a new renaissance thanks to the recent Batman ’66 run of comics.

Hoping to capitalize on that newfound (or rekindled) fandom for Batman ’66, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham has added the classic Batman incarnation into their upcoming game. What’s more, Warner Bros has secured Adam West as the voice of Batman ’66, ensuring that this will be the purest version possible.

At Comic-Con 2014, we went hands-on with LEGO Batman 3 to see how Traveller’s Tales Games is expanding arguably their strongest franchise-within-a-franchise. Granted, Batman ’66 won’t be a key portion of the game, but he will have a special bonus episode dedicated specifically to his character.

We only saw Batman ’66 for a brief time during our demo, but fans should know that TT Games has not missed a beat when adapting the character. Everything from the “Thwack” and “Bop” text that appears any time Batman strikes an enemy to that classic ’60s score — it’s all there.

Adam West Voicing Batman 66

It’s strange how much freedom Traveller’s Tales appears to have within the DC universe, more so than those companies working in film or TV. Securing Batman ’66 and getting Adam West to voice him, and having that fit completely within the tone of the game, is no easy feat, but the developers seem to have nailed it. That being said, TT Games has a great respect for every property they work with, and so they’d rather not play too fast and loose with these characters. In other words, don’t expect any type of crazy alternate universe storylines a la Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Moreover, putting Batman ’66 in the game and having Adam West voice him not only proves that the LEGO Batman franchise knows exactly what it wants to do, but shows that they have a fondness for the whole breadth of DC’s library. Just a quick perusal of the game’s roster of over 150 characters (we only saw about 30), which includes Krypto the Super Dog and Bat Cow, should tell you that. And if the full game is anything like the brief gameplay demo and panel presentation we saw (more on that later), then DC Comics fans will absolutely love this game.

How do you feel about Batman ’66 joining The LEGO Batman 3 roster? Are there any really obscure DC characters you’d like to see in the game?

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham releases this fall for current-gen, last-gen, and handhelds.

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