LEGO Angry Birds Sets Officially Building to a Release

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One of the more interesting toy-related brands currently thriving on the marketplace is LEGO, as the company has been able to maintain interest across mediums with physical playsets, video games, and an incredibly successful animated movie. Given the success of the plastic brick manufacturer, it’s not surprising to see major businesses lining up to LEGO-ify their various IP – with Angry Birds now being the latest.

Rovio has officially announced that it has struck a deal with The LEGO Group, and now consumers can anticipate sets based off of Angry Birds in the near future. Given the destructibility associated with the mobile game, this seems to be a logical partnership.

Pekka Rantala, Chief Executive Officer of Rovio expressed his excitement for the announcement in Rovio’s press release, stating that the firm is a “best-in-class partner.” Given the prominence of the brand in the media and its blockbuster success as of late, and it’s hard to disagree with Rantala.

“The LEGO brand has an unparalleled ability to connect with people through products that spark creativity and imagination. We’re really excited to build experiences together with this amazing best-in-class partner.”

Angry Birds

The Vice President of licensing & entertainment at The LEGO Group, Jill Wilfert, also chimed in on the deal, pointing to several factors that made the most sense when opting to release a line of Angry Birds toys. Largely, however, it would seem that the forthcoming Angry Birds motion picture was a major contributing factor for the newfound partnership. As Wilfert elegantly put it:

“We are excited to bring Angry Birds to life in LEGO form, given the popularity of the game and its characters with fans of all ages, which will only be amplified by the forthcoming film.

We seek partnership with globally relevant properties that offer a unique and rewarding play experience to our fans, and our designers are having fun developing building sets that leverage the engaging play and deconstruction found in the Angry Birds game.”

While additional merchandise is all well and good, what’s most interesting about this deal is whether or not it will spill over into the world of video games. Given Traveller’s Tales‘ notoriety for developing various LEGO titles over the years, it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that something similar may be in the works. Furthermore, this deal could see spillover into the newly announced toys-to-life title, LEGO Dimensions.

With a copious number of properties currently lined up for the new game (ranging from Portal 2 to Jurassic World) it’ll be interesting to see if those foul fowls eventually wreak havoc in that game. At this point in time it’s hard to say, but fans can look forward to the new playsets arriving at some point in 2016.

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Source: Rovio