New Legendary Pokémon Victini and Downloadable 'Enigma Stone'

Pokemon Victini

Everyone who dares to call themselves a Pokémon fan is sure to be well aware of the two upcoming games in the series, Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, but one thing that no Pokémon fan is well aware of is all the new Pokémon that will show up in the forthcoming games.

Unfortunately, Pokémon Black and White is still a few months away from its Spring launch in North America, so Nintendo and Gamefreak are releasing a new item for Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver called the 'Enigma Stone' which will be available via wifi to help keep you craving those highly-profitable critters.

Victini is a very special legendary in Black and White; standard legendary Pokémon often appear at the end of the Pokédex, but Victini doesn't, in fact he is #0 in the Black and White's Pokédex. This marks the first time that any Pokémon in history has been the #0. Nobody is certain what affects Victini will have in-game, but they must be pretty spectacular.

Now, you are probably asking yourself how one would go about obtaining Victini, and it's actually pretty easy. The first day that Pokémon Black and White launch in Japan a special item called the 'Liberty Ticket' can be downloaded via a trip to Nintendo Zone, a DS Station Kiosk, or a Pokémon product shop, but the only catch is that you will have had to progress through the game far enough to catch him. Again, these are the only methods for provided for obtaining Victini at the Japanese release, but odds are the same thing will happen for North American fans at a GameStop or Toys R' Us.

It would appear that Nintendo doesn't want North American's to be left out in the cold though, because starting July 31st you can download the 'Enigma Stone' to Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver as long as you have access to wireless internet. The 'Enigma Stone' allows trainers to have an opportunity to catch either Latios or Latias depending on which version of the game they have. Latios can traditionally only be found in Soul Silver version, while his little sister Latias takes up residence in Heart Gold, but that all changes when a trainer obtains the  'Enigma Stone'.

There will be some strict requirements for those who are looking to "catch 'em all," however. You will have to have completed the Elite 4, come into possession of the National Pokédex, and have less than three 'Wonder Cards'. 'Wonder Cards' are little cards that you get once you download something on Pokémon, it's essentially a summary of what you have downloaded -- think of it as a Poké-receipt. You can go in and delete the 'Wonder Cards' to make some room for the 'Enigma Stone' if you feel so inclined so don't panic if you already have three.

You can get your very own 'Enigma Stone' from July 31st through to August 27th as long as you have a Nintendo DS, a wireless connection, and a copy of either Heart Gold or Soul Silver. As for Victini, we'll let you know how to condemn him to life in your Pokéball as soon as we get any info.

What do you think of the #0 Pokémon, Victini? Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the 'Enigma Stone'?

Sources: Nintendo Everything & Poké

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