'Skyward Sword' Enthusiastic Early Review & Up to 70 Hours of Play Time

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Nintendo Review and Game Time

With exactly one month to go from its release, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has earned more than just a positive review from Official Nintendo Magazine, but the game has hit it out of the park. Not only has Skyward Sword wowed the critics over at ONM, but they also state that it will be more than gracious to players who want a long fulfilling game.

From just looking at the intro of Skyward Sword, one could tell that this is not just any old Legend of Zelda game. The story behind Skyward Sword promises depth and looking at the latest gameplay video of Link exploring Lake Floria and one of the temples solidifies high expectations.

What should you expect from the game time? Shigeru Miyamoto said that it would take players 50-100 hours to complete Skyward Sword and his prediction is quite accurate. Official Nintendo Magazine clocks the main story at 35 hours - without the side quests. However, if you are looking to get everything out of this game, expect this title to take about 70 hours long to fully complete.

"There are about 35 hours to be spent on Skyward Sword's main quest along, and at least double that if you plan on dipping into the game's plentiful side-quests, collecting all of the insects, upgrading all of the items, discovering the locations of the Goddess Cubes and exploring the world."

With such a great play time, and from what players have come to see thus far, it comes as no surprise to expect a positive review of the game, but Official Nintendo Magazine's review may spark even more anticipation with a 98% score. This review is ONM's highest joint score ever - and can be seen in this December's issue.

How does this reflect on the rest of the franchise? Skyward Sword is now ONM's highest scored game for the Wii and is now the best rated game of all the Legend of Zelda series. Surprisingly, Official Nintendo Magazine only rated Ocarina of Time a 95%, while Twilight Princess score a 97%. The other best rated games that Skyward Sword beat out on the Wii to become the best rated game on the console also include Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, which both received 97% scores.

Summing up ONM's review, "It's not something we say lightly, but the Zelda series really has never been this good."

Could this possibly be the best Zelda game ever? Gamers will have to find out November 20 when The Legend of Zelda: Skwyward hits shelves in North America.


Source: Official Nintendo Magazine Article 1 & Article 2

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