The Legend Of Zelda: Ranking The 10 Best Items In The Series

The Legend of Zelda series is known for a few things. Sprawling open worlds, brilliantly designed dungeons, and a fantastic musical score are just a few of the most common praises fans of the Nintendo series, yet there's so much more. While we can write entire novels about what we love about The Legend of Zelda, we're going to focus on one thing (well technically 10) — the game's items.

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Nintendo's puzzle-solving action-adventure franchise is home to some of the most iconic items in gaming history. While some are reoccurring, others were made specifically for a hook in a particular game. In reality, there are too many to choose from to make one list, so we're leaving swords and shields off this one to allow for a little more variety. So, without further ado,  here are the best items in the series.

10 Ball And Chain

How this item never made it into another mainline Legend of Zelda game is a mystery, but we're thankful we got it at all. While in the Snowpeak Ruins, Link is tasked with finding a Mirror of Twilight shard inside the manor of two yetis, Yeto and Yeta. Along the way, our half-wolf-hero finds himself this massive ball and chain and decides it's probably safer with him

So, players get to smash through ice and beat the heck out of enemies with a blunt object on a chain. If we have to nitpick one complaint, the item is pretty slow. But even still, it's one of the most satisfying to use.

9 Megaton Hammer

The hammer has been around in some form or another in the Zelda franchise. However, it was never better than in Ocarina of Time. Originally used to smash Volvagia in the fire temple, the weapon can actually be used in other situations. While it's a little slower than your sword, it deals a lot of damage, and if you forget to get the Biggoron's Sword, it can be used in the final fight against Ganon when the Master Sword is knocked away from Link.

The item's usability really places it on the list here, but there is a lot to love with the Megaton Hammer besides that. To start, it has real weight behind it, every time Link is forced to use it, you can feel the damage it induces. Not only that, but it can smash rocks that lead to secret passageways and can knock Gold Skultullas off walls.

8 Bombchu

Bombchu is equal parts adorable and dangerous. As a sort of upgraded bomb, Bombchu can scurry across the floor and even climb up walls to blow up in the desired spot, and if it wasn't a surprise from this description, they're insanely useful.

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Whether it's used to blow up a blocked passageway or an enemy from far away, but they are also useful when there's an attack operated switch nearby and you're out of arrows. Aside from its unique abilities, the Bombchu is absolutely adorable. Essentially a yellow bomb with a pseudo mouse face on the front, this item is easily the cutest on this list.

7 Ocarina Of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the best game for its era of any era, and much of that is attributed to its deep ties with music. Sure, its soundtrack is one of the best in gaming history, but the way music is interwoven into gameplay is a marvel of game design. Part of that is thanks to the Ocarina of Time itself. Whether players need a quick-travel to another side of the map, change the weather, or mess around with the signs in the world, there is a plethora of ways to use this essential item in the game.

Yet, the Ocarina of Time is instrumental in Majora's Mask as well. Used for mostly the same purpose, while also helping link jump back in time, this once-obscure instrument is the center of two of the greatest adventures in the franchise. Its importance can't be understated.

6 Boomerang

The boomerang is a classic Zelda item, that's beautiful in its simplicity. Link throws the Australian tool at his enemies, and it comes back. If the baddie is hit, they're stunned, letting our favorite hero hit a few sword strikes before getting back on the defensive.

What makes this item so amazing, however, is its ability to transform with the times. Originally introduced in 1986 The Legend of Zelda, the item evolved when the franchise jumped to 3D in Ocarina of Time, becoming a useful tool that Young Link can use for battle along with dungeon exploration.

5 Beetle

The Beetle is one of the few things from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword that's almost universally liked. While there certainly are complaints about it, mostly regarding its motion-based control, the item is pretty unique in that it's only used for utility. Sure, it can be used to knock things onto enemies, but overall, it won't stand a chance in combat.

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Instead, players control the Beetle as it flies through the air. Generally used to collect heats and rupees, it is used brilliantly in Lanayru Desert to hit far away switches as players jump between different time periods.

4 Double Clawshot

The Hookshot may be the most iconic item in The Legend of Zelda franchise, but the Double Clawshot is just better. Giving players two Hookshots, Link can essentially Spider-Man swing from location to location. While we only get it at the tail end of Twilight Princess, it was an absolute game-changer when it debuted, opening up a whole new world of possibilities in Hyrule.

The item also made an appearance in Skyward Sword, serving as an essential item in opening up the rest of the Lanayru Desert. Yet it's versatility across both Skyloft and Hyrule make it one of the best in the series.

3 Spinner

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess had some of the best items in the series, but few were as fun to use as the Spinner. Essentially, it's a spinning top that Link can stand upon as the teeth on the outside fit into the gear-like holes in the wall. This allows for some insanely fast travel and even a little bit of help when quicksand is present.

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What makes the item even more interesting is it's lack of lore. As an ancient item, that shares some similarities with the Double Clawshot, there is speculation that the weird bird race with human heads — the Oocca — designed it. Yet the technology keeping the top from spinning with the rest of the bottom suggests engineering that far exceeds anything else in the Hyrule we see in Twilight Princess.

2 Sheikah Slate

In terms of usefulness, the Sheikah Slate may be the most important in all of The Legend of Zelda. That's because it is pretty much the only non-weapon item you pick up in Breath of The Wild. Players receive this item at the beginning of the game and it works as a map, camera, motorcycle, bomb, time freezer, and a magnet for Link to use as he messes with the physics in the biggest Hyrule we've ever seen.

It's versatility really makes it stand out on this list. Doing away with many forms of inventory management, The Sheikah slate is equal parts important and fun. Yet, on top of this, it's stylish. While The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild launched in 2017, the Sheikah art on the back of the tablet has become instantly recognizable symbols for the franchise.

1 Bow Wow

There is probably no enemy more beloved in the Super Mario Bros. Franchise than Chain Chomp. His dog-like personality mixed with a dangerous body set him apart from other creatures in Nintendo's flagship franchise. So, fans were equal parts excited and confused when they saw the lovable wrecking ball dog make its way to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

In this game, we learn that in Koholint Island, residents keep chain chomps as pets. So, Link can take one, named Bow Wow, for a short while. Players don't really control the Chain Chomp, instead, he attacks at his own discretion. But his aggressive nature makes him a very useful addition.

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