For those players who have managed to comb through all of the content that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has to offer, there’s now a new excuse to fire up the game once again because the first DLC pack is here. Called the Master Trials, this expansion adds a considerable amount of new content to the base game, including some iconic items from the franchise like the Majora’s Mask.

But the Master Trials contains much more than hunting down classic masks. The DLC pack also adds a heap of new items, quests, and challenges to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, all of which will add on several hours to an already-massive game. Without further ado, follow along below to find out how to access the new content that’s been added.

breath of the wild midna helmet

Master Mode

This is a new extra-hard difficulty mode that is available straight away from the main menu, and players will be allocated a new save file so that they don’t overwrite the progress of their current file should they decide to play this setting. For those who dare to take on Breath of the Wild in Master Mode, be prepared for stronger enemies that have regenerative health and can spot Link earlier than usual.

Trial of the Sword

The Trial of the Sword is arguably the most substantial new side-quest of the Master Trials DLC. It is an intimidating challenge in which players must fight through 45 levels of enemies.

To access this quest, players will have to travel to the Korok Forest and place the Master Sword back into its pedestal. Note that the sword must not be out of energy, otherwise the trial cannot be accessed.

Upon starting the Trail of the Sword, Link will be stripped of all his weapons, armor, Champion abilities, materials, and food, though he still has access to his Runes. While this is a daunting challenge for anyone, the reward is worth the effort. When the Trial of the Sword is completed, Link will gain access to a fully-charged Master Sword that will always be at full power and thus granting players considerably more usage of one of the strongest weapons in the game.

Finding the Korok Mask

legend of zelda breath of the wild korok mask

Korok Seeds are a must for players who intend on expanding Link’s inventory and thus the ability to carry more gear, but with 900 seeds scattered throughout the massive Hyrule map, finding all of them is a monumentally tedious task. However, with the Korok Mask, this task will be made much easier as it will alert players whenever they are near a hidden Korok Seed.

To find this super-useful mask, players need to complete the EX Strange Mask Rumors side-quest, which is accessed from a new Super Rumor Mill journal found at the Woodland Stable. Upon reading the riddle, it can be quickly deciphered that the Korok Mask is hidden in the Lost Woods.

Enter the Lost Woods as per usual and follow the torches as Link normally would, right up until reaching the area with the final two torches. From here, take note of which direction the embers are blown and head towards there. Normally a torch is required to navigate through the forest, but for this quest, simply keep running in the same direction from the two torches, even when the wind changes, and the Korok Mask will be found in a special chest hidden in a tree.

Teleportation Rumors

Completing this new side-quest yields a handy new item called the Travel Medallion, which allows players to set a custom fast travel point wherever they want on the map. To obtain the medallion,  start the Teleportation Rumors quest by heading over to the South Akkala Stable and reading the new Super Rumor Mill journal.

Using the hints gleaned from the journal, it can be deduced that the Travel Medallion is located at the Tu Ka’loh Shrine, which is found at the North-East corner of the map. Note that the shrine must be completed beforehand, otherwise the medallion isn’t accessible.

Outside of the shrine, there’s a hole in the ground with a gust of wind coming out of it. Drop down the hole and be prepared to face a number of stationary Guardians. After defeating or evading the Guardians, the Travel Medallion can be found on the southern central wall.

Hero’s Path

This new feature will be available as soon as The Master Trail’s DLC is downloaded, and it gives players the ability to retrace their journey across Hyrule. Simply open up the map, press X, and players can see the path Link has traveled for the last 200 hours.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available now on Nintendo Switch and Wii U. The Master Trials DLC will launched on June 30, 2017.

Source: GamersHeroes – YouTube