Breath Of The Wild: 10 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed

To put it plainly, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has one huge map. It's true. There's no other way to describe it. The game's open world is absolutely massive and is filled to the brim with different areas to explore. In fact, the map is so large that it is likely that most people who have played the title have missed a variety of different hidden areas, even if they're the sort of player who's quite meticulous with their exploration.

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Today, we'll be taking a look at ten hidden areas you might not know exist in Breath of the Wild. Without any further ado, let's jump right into the list.

10 Lurelin Village

Hidden away near Tuft Mountain, there is a teeny little village that goes by the name of Lurelin. Upon closer inspection, this village seems to be modeled after Outset Island, the starting island of the GameCube's The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. 

The similarities sure are there, and it is really just a wonderful callback to another great Zelda title. Another one that brought us a very memorable open world experience, even if most of it was filled with water. Good times. While there isn't much to do in Lurelin, it still is a great trip down memory lane.

9 Tarrey Town

Tarrey Town is literally the most demanding place in this entire game. Offering perhaps the most expansive side quest in Breath of the Wild, Tarrey Town is a completely optional location that Link and co. build as a team.

There is so much unnecessary nonsense that goes on here (for example, only people with names ending in "son" can be recruited to help in Tarrey Town's formation), but once it's done, it is nice to see your work culminate in an entire town. Also, it unlocks male Gerudo armor for Link to wear and just... yeah. That alone is worth building this town.

8 Eventide Island

Eventide Island is a mysterious island found in the southeast corner of Hyrule, and it presents you with a little challenge once landing there. Can you take on this island after losing everything?

Eventide strips you of all of Link's armor and tools, and has you start from scratch to find three spirit orbs and deliver them to a platform. If you can do this, you'll be rewarded. It is no easy task though, as one of the orbs resides with a Hinox. While this challenge can be easily won with the use of Urbosa's Fury, it is still a very fun area to explore.

7 Great Fairy Fountains

The Great Fairy Fountains are completely hidden in Breath of the Wild, so finding the few that are scattered around the map is tough. If you do find them, they're willing to upgrade your armor if you have the required materials.

Except one. She does other things, and boy is the entirety of her existence a frightening one. No great fairy is ever fun to look at, sure, but this one... just send help.

6 Lover's Pond

Lover's Pond is the cutest little area in Breath of the Wild, and it can be found on Tuft Mountain. Oh my god, it's a little heart! Yes, how cute. There is an adorable side quest that can be completed here, and afterwards, hey, half the fun of Breath of the Wild is stopping to enjoy the scenery, so why not take a moment and appreciate the little things?

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Also, there's definitely another pond that is literally a broken heart, that a man travels to because he's confused. Yep, what an absolute mood.

5 Taobab Grassland

Taobab Grassland isn't exactly a hidden area on its own. Rather, what it houses deserves a spot on the list. Want to guess what it is? Here's a hint: MASSIVE HORSE.

If you guessed a massive horse, you'd be correct! The aptly named Giant Horse can be found and tamed in this area of the map, and we are so lucky that is the case. This thing is about double the size of Link, to give some context. The horse that we didn't know we needed, and definitely don't deserve. This boy can be found in Taobab Grassland, so head there as soon as possible, please.

4 Basement Of Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle is the best dungeon that the game has to offer, and there certainly is a lot to explore there. Chances are that you missed quite a bit on your first time around. The castle is full of secrets, but one of the best areas to explore in the castle is the basement.

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The path there is absolutely manic, and once you get inside, there's a boss fight with a skeleton Stalnox. The reward for beating this monster is the incredibly powerful Hylian Shield, which has massive stamina and can reflect Guardian lasers. Not too shabby, huh?

3 Fang And Bone

After talking to Kilton, a creature that can be found at night near Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, he will open up his shop. It will be available near important villages at night, and it houses some great items to buy. His shop has its own currency: as you sell Kilton monster parts, you'll receive it.

The best items that you can buy from Kilton is a Dark Link armor set, but hey, does that even matter? The real point of shopping at Fang and Bone is to support your local small businesses!

2 Satori Mountain

This mountain (which is likely an homage to the late Satoru Iwata) houses a fascinating secret. On certain days, the Lord of the Mountain can be found and tamed, which is a complete disaster to attempt. It takes over two stamina wheels, so good luck.

However, if you can tame the best steed in the entire game, it certainly is a joy to ride. It can't be registered at any stable, though, so make your time with the creature count.

1 Gerudo Summit

The Gerudo Summit has some great features going for it, including a very important side quest. However, one notable distinction for the mountain is that it is likely the highest point in the entirety of Hyrule, which is no small feat.

Do yourself a favor and explore it when you get the chance. Truly appreciate the beauty of this game from its highest peak, even if the view isn't great.

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