Zelda: Breath of the Wild: How to Get Ocarina of Time Dark Link Armor Set

breath of the wild dark link

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continues to gain notable momentum thanks to strong reviews from both players and critics. The newest Zelda adventure makes impressive use of its vast open world while remaining true to the Zelda franchise.

Those who have spent any time in Breath of the Wild so far know about the power and usefulness of the various armor sets in the game. While each set has its own pros and cons, there’s one set in particular that is very useful at night, and can also bring about a bit of nostalgia for Zelda fans. This set is the Dark Link armor from Ocarina of Time, and grants those who have it with extra speed during the night.

Obtaining the Dark Link armor set isn’t a quick to-do, as Arekkz explains in his video above, but is a fun addition that many Zelda fans will want, even if they’ve already completed the main storyline in Breath of the Wild. Those Nintendo Switch and Wii U fans who do want the Dark Link set will need to follow these steps to get it.

Unlock Kilton

breath of the wild kilton

To acquire the Dark Link armor set, players will need to unlock Kilton, a special vendor who only appears after players finish a certain sequence of events. First, players need to head over to East Akkala Stable and look for the side quest “A Shady Customer.” The side quest calls for players to grab a picture of Kilton.

From there, players will need to head up to the Skull Lake in the top right corner of the map. In the left eye of the lake is a land mass where Kilton is currently holed up. Upon meeting Kilton, the dealer explains that he will be setting up shop around the area and will be open for business.

Special Currency

breath of the wild mon

Now that players have unlocked Kilton, they can find him selling his wares at night outside the major villages in Breath of the Wild. However, unlike other vendors, Kilton only deals in special currency called Mon. Mon is essentially a currency that Kilton trades for monster parts. So, in order to purchase the items Kilton has to offer, players will need to kill monsters, collect the parts that drop, and trade them in to Kilton for Mon.

To get the full Dark Link set, players will need to purchase the Hood for 2,000 Mon, Tunic for 1,000 Mon, and Trousers for another 1,000, totaling 4,000 Mon for the full set. The challenge here is that most monster parts will only land players three or four Mon. So reaching the required 4,000 Mon will take time. Fortunately, there is a way to reach that number a bit faster, but requires some impressive fighting skills to do so.

How to Get Mon Fast

breath of the wild monster

There are two types of enemies that Arekkz recommends players seek out and kill for high-value monster parts. These are the Hinox and Lynel. The Hinox are large troll-like creatures that can be a bit of a challenge to take down unless players are very well geared. That said, even players at low levels should be able to take down a Hinox without too much trouble as long as they fight smart.

The Lynel, on the other hand, will present a challenge to even the most well-geared players. These half lion, half horse creatures are very powerful, aggressive, and intimidating. That said, they drop lots of high-value monster parts that are worth the effort.

The monster parts from both the Hinox and Lynel are worth anywhere from a couple dozen to over a hundred Mon per part, so farming these creatures can be very helpful in reaching enough Mon for the Dark Link armor set.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is currently available for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

Source: Arekkz - YouTube

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