The Legend Of Zelda's Gerudo Valley Recreated in Unreal Engine 4


Following his Unreal Engine 4 recreations of the Temple of Time, Zora's Domain, and Death Mountain, YouTuber CryZENx recreates Ocarina of Time's popular Gerudo Valley.

Ever since Epic Games released its Unreal Engine 4 to the public for free, Ocarina of Time fans have put this technology to good use. A number of modders have made some impressive Zelda recreations with Unreal Engine 4, but the work of YouTuber CryZENx has caught the eye of numerous gamers - us included. After their stunning recreation of the Temple of Time, CryZENx followed that effort up with an equally-stunning recreation of the Zora's Domain and Death Mountain Crater levels. Proving that they are far from done with the Ocarina of Time universe, CryZENx has now released their new project: an Unreal Engine 4 recreation of Gerudo Valley.

Using a rip from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS as a reference, CryZENx built the Gerudo Valley level from scratch. Aside from looking absolutely gorgeous, this rendition of Gerudo Valley is made much more realistic by the addition of heat distortion and wind effects. Rather than stick to the original Ocarina of Time's version of the Gerudo Valley theme, CryZENx opted to use the version from Super Smash Bros. 3DSalthough Ocarina Link's voice is still kept intact.

For those wanting to check out CryZENx's brilliant take on Gerudo Valley, check it out right here.


With four levels now recreated using the Unreal Engine 4 by CryZENx, as well as a separate recreation of the iconic Kakariko Village, fans are slowly making their way through Ocarina of Time. While all these fan demos are all fantastic, they're not official Nintendo products, meaning that a proper release is highly unlikely. But seeing as how Nintendo have yet to comment of CryZENx's work on Ocarina of Time - as well as their work with Pokemon and Kirbyit appears that everything is all good for now.

These fan-recreations of Ocarina of Time does bring up a good question regarding whether another remake is in order. With rumors of console ports making up a part of Nintendo NX's launch library, there's hope that Nintendo will use CryZENx's work with Ocarina of Time as inspiration and give the game the Nintendo NX treatment.

Whether Nintendo will actually remake Ocarina of Time again is obviously nothing more than speculation for now, but perhaps the recent slew of Unreal Engine 4 projects has convinced the company to start looking into using the Unreal Engine for some of its future games. With the Nintendo NX rumored to be more powerful than the PlayStation 4, we should at least expect some seriously good-looking Nintendo games in the near-future.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is available for Nintendo 64, and the official remake is available for Nintendo 3DS.

Source: YouTube (via IGN)

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