Corrupted Saves: The Legend of Zelda: Adjective Noun

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The air is electric with the songs of elves, pixies and faeries. I'm not sure what that song sounds like because of a firecracker accident when I was seven, but I imagine that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be filled with exactly those melodies. While it's hard enough for me to believe that in less than two weeks time we will have seen the release of two RPGs that both contain the word "sky" and have titles that are just perfect for naughty innuendo (After I get done playing this, my sword's not the only thing that's going to be skyward... amiright?!), but it's also crazy that after all these years, Link is still going strong.

What's the life expectancy of a little pointy-eared, leotarded person, anyway? Hasn't he been doing this since he was like seven? All the hours upon hours and years upon years of beating up a giant green pigman goblin have surely taken their toll on him. I mean, the guy can't even speak for pete's sake! He's probably petrified to utter one syllable for fear of setting off another time-traveling, forest wandering, temple dwelling quest that will eat up another good chunk of his life. He may only be 18-years old or so by now, but there are hardened war veterans who haven't seen half the action the this kid has. And they didn't have to do it pointy-toed shoes.

While you're busy indulging your Nintenddiction with Skyward Sword, as I'm sure you're doing right now, just be mindful of the early grave you're putting Link in. I hope it's worth it.

Skyward Sword Corrupted Saves Game Rant Webcomic Issue 061

Comic by Zac Landry.


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