A Legend of Zelda game is a rare occurrence for a console, with only one or two of them ever coming out in a typical¬†Nintendo system’s lifetime. So, when that special moment occurs and an new Zelda title¬†is announced, naturally, it becomes one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Skyward Sword is no exception, with the hype machine going into full overdrive as the game’s release date moves closer and closer.

What makes the Legend of Zelda franchise such a beloved one is the care and detail put into each title. The creators focus all of their efforts into making the game feel like a grand adventure, allowing the player to traverse a giant land in search of whatever is necessary to slay the great evil that plagues it and each game brings a unique, yet memorable style. One imporant attribute that helps create this mood is the intro, the cinematic that plays when starting a new game.

Since the intro for Ocarina of Time helped set the stage for its story, each Zelda game since has tried to do the same for theirs, making the story feel more like an epic legend that was passed down for generations.

The intro for Skyward Sword has made its way onto the internet, and trust us, you need to see it for yourself:


With talk of a great evil and it being conquered some eons ago, recall that Skyward Sword takes place before Ocarina of Time, and focuses on the creation of the legendary Master Sword. What this means is that the great evil mentioned in the trailer is not Ganondorf. Unless it’s revealed that Ganon somehow appeared before he was born in Ocarina of Time, this would mean that the great evil here is a completely different threat. What, exactly, is something we can only begin to speculate upon.

But the intro does accomplish the task of making the journey ahead of you seem big. With the mysterious narrator promising that you’ll be starting your own legend, it feels as though you’re about to become part of history. And with approximately 50-100 hours of gameplay to get through, possibly including the upgrading sidequests, players certainly have their work cut out for them on what may be the last major release on the Wii.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will arrive November 20th, 2011, for the Nintendo Wii.