Blacksmiths Create Awesome 'The Legend of Zelda' Replica Shield

Legend of Zelda Replica Shield


In the world of gaming there’s no shortage of collectibles for players to procure. From Limited Edition trinkets and statues to standalone tie-ins, our consumer-driven nature is more than willing to feed our fandom.

Oftentimes, the collectibles associated with a property are completely disposable, serving little purpose beyond casual conversation piece or (for some significant others) horrible eyesore. Some even pay big money for items tied to their favorite franchises.

Despite all that, we still love a good collectible, especially when it’s tied to one of the most beloved franchises in all of gaming. Like the supremely awesome The Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield replica that Man at Arms: Reforged just made.

As readers can see in the video above, the metal workers at Man at Arms have gone the extra mile to make a replica of Link’s shield that is more than just a dinky piece of plastic. They’ve forged key elements of the shield out of high quality materials, even using amber for the Triforce symbol.

More importantly, Men at Arms’ The Legend of Zelda shield is totally battle ready, hardened to ensure it can withstand sword bashes or mace blows. Granted, a bright blue shield might still be a little unfit for battle, but this Zelda replica looks pretty cool all the same.

Legend of Zelda Replica Shield

However, just in case the replica Hylian shield wasn’t enough, Man at Arms’ blacksmiths and metal workers have also created a replica of Link’s old school red hilt shield from the early The Legend of Zelda games. We only get a few glances at the weapon, but that too is high in quality and detail. It actually would have been nice to see more of that sword’s forging as well.

However, since the Man at Arms blacksmiths have already forged their own replica of the Master Sword previously, they clearly wanted to keep the focus on the shield. Which makes the video all the more worth highlighting because of its originality. Plenty of Nintendo fans have seen Master Sword replicas before – many of them in plastic – but getting a Hylian Shield like this requires a genuine mastery of metal.

No matter where the Master Sword ranks on gamers’ list of top video game weapons, it’s hard to deny this shield isn’t awesome. Whether or not we’d be willing to pay the money necessary to get a replica of this quality, however, is another thing.

How much would you pay for a replica shield like this? Should Nintendo manufacture high quality The Legend of Zelda weapons?

Source: Man at Arms: Reforged

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