GR Pick: 'Legend of Zelda' & 'Pokemon' Rap Videos

The Legend of Zelda Rap Zelda Gets Played

Fan-made video game parodies are becoming more abundant and increasingly elaborate as the years go on. Today, Game Rant presents two very well-made music videos that pay very close attention to the source material and do the franchises justice — for the most part.

We've seen a few good faux video game shorts that we wish could see the light of day in a full length feature, from Freddie W's YouTube series to the gritty Super Mario Bros. Kart Driver short and before that, The Totally Rad Show’s Dan Trachtenberg brought us his own Portal short film. Today, the two music videos we're adding to our GR Picks library offer a very adult take on two family friendly franchises.

First, we have the rap from the Legend of Zelda. This particular song takes influence from Ocarina of Time. Link, Sheik, Ganondorf, Navi, and even The Great Deku Tree have their own time to throw down some rhymes. We find our hero washed up on shore, saved by some Zoras and Link must search for Zelda as she has been kidnapped by Ganondorf before it is too late!

Watch the Legend of Zelda Rap below:


Next up comes a cheesy yet amazingly well crafted rap dedicated to Pokémon. Ash and Pikachu are training when all of the sudden Team Rocket appears — like they always do. With the help of Brock and Misty, Ash gets the extra help he needs from his friends to fend off the dastardly duo and Meowth!

Watch the Pokémon rap below:


The "Legend of Zelda Gets Played" and "Pokémon Gets Played" are two of five (so far) in a series of YouTube user hiimrawn's fan-made video game tribute raps. Going by the name Rawn, his back catalog also include tributes to Minecraft, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Mario Bros. Much like, Maximillion's "Epic Rap Battle" between Wesker and Dr. Doom, hiimrawn displays a great sense of fandom expressing lyrical creativity with each property.

For fans with a keen eye, there is a lot of detail and thought put into the editing, special effects, set locations, and costumes and it's a wonder what could be created with a little more funding and they would look phenomenal — I don't think Ganondorf wears T-shirts. Let hiimrawn know which video game franchise you'd like him to do next through his Twitter account. The  production value is increasing with each song so you know his next one should be just on par or better then his Zelda rap. We'd definitely like to see a Metal Gear Solid rap, there is a lot of potential there. What would you like to see him do next?


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