The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Beat With Dance Dance Revolution Pad

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In order to breathe new life into older titles, a lot of gamers set outlandish challenges for themselves when they revisit video games of the past. For instance, a few years ago a Japanese fan completed the incredibly difficult Dark Souls in just under an hour and a half. Not to mention, a couple of months back, we saw one player take on Nintendo 64’s undeniable classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in order to set a new world record speedrun in 17 minutes and 47 seconds by taking advantage of a series of in-game glitches.

Feats of speed aside, there have also been some gamers who try to add another wrinkle of difficulty beyond actual gameplay by using hardware that is unintended for certain releases. In this case, a video maker who goes by the hilarious handle “ATwerkinYoshi” has spent the last few months recording footage of himself playing through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on a DDR pad, which has now led him to defeat the game’s nefarious boss, Ganon.

As the clip above elaborates, the arrows on the dance pad correspond with movement – the up arrow is forward, the down arrow is back, and so forth. However, oddly, the right arrow is the B button for slash attacks, with the circle space being reserved for right movements. Without a doubt, this had to have been an arduous task, especially since there aren’t even enough icons on the DDR pad to compensate for all of the Nintendo 64 controller‘s buttons. In fact, the video’s narrator goes on to explain that in order to make up for most of the actions, he holds a controller to use the C buttons.

Gamer Uses DDR Pad to Beat Ocarina of Time

Surprisingly, the fight is pretty fluid, as “ATwerkinYoshi” relies on some pretty fancy footwork to take down Ganondorf in a considerably short spell. Although, after weeks on end of playing in such a strange and constrictive manner, it’s highly likely that a lot of gamers would get the hang of it with so much practice.

Regardless of whether or not people think this is a wise use of one’s time, at least nobody can say that the guy doesn’t see his tasks through to the very end. In fact, “ATwerkinYoshi” is considering playing even more Nintendo 64 games in the future using the dance pad as a controller. With that in mind, it definitely would be funny to see him take on one of the console’s fighting game ports like Killer Instinct or Super Smash Bros., as his feet will likely have to move more furiously to execute combos.

Bearing the above The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time playthrough in mind, what’s the weirdest way you’ve seen a gamer beat a title? Did it involve different controller types or an unusual set of predetermined parameters?

Source: YouTube (via Kotaku)