The Legend of Zelda Maker Gets Unofficial Release

By | 1 year ago 

In an attempt to emulate the success of Super Mario Maker, one intrepid video game developer creates an unofficial spin-off in the form of The Legend of Zelda Maker.

Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker has proved to be hugely popular, with a large number of platforming fans becoming enchanted by the ability to create levels for their favorite plumber. What’s more, many gamers have also been left wondering how many other popular franchises could work with a Super Mario Maker-style release. Now, The Legend of Zelda fans have been given an opportunity to see exactly how this might work to showcase player-made adventures for Link.

This comes in the form of The Legend of Zelda Maker, an unofficial title created by an intrepid developer after a truly creative The Legend of Zelda experience. The game, which is currently available via a MediaFire download link, allows players to build worlds closest in style to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Users can click and drop a wide variety of Zelda enemies, as well as different environmental objects.

It’s no wonder that fans are enthralled by the prospect of future creative games. After all, Super Mario Maker has become a huge success story for Nintendo, giving players the ability to build and enjoy a seemingly endless number of Super Mario Bros. levels. That critical impression has also translated into commercial success, with Super Mario Maker sitting as the only Wii U title in the list of September’s bestselling games.

Link himself is no stranger to the world of Super Mario Maker, either. The hero of The Legend of Zelda franchise appears in the title as an additional playable character through the use of a costume. Link can be unlocked by a player using his respective amiibo, and can also be unlocked randomly during the completion of the game’s 100 built-in Mario levels.

As of yet, Nintendo has not taken any action against the creator of The Legend of Zelda Maker, but a cease and desist against the project seems more than likely given the company’s history. Nintendo has never been shy to throw its legal weight around, and has taken a very strict policy regarding the use of Nintendo games on Let’s Play channels. The game’s developer already has this in mind, however, and has said that game sprites will be changed in future to allow for a “somewhat unique experience.”

Of course, Nintendo itself may well be too busy working on the upcoming The Legend of Zelda for Wii U. Most recently, the developer revealed that the title’s much publicized game world is going to give players a twist on the traditional open world dynamic. In the meantime, perhaps Zelda fans can find enjoyment in creating some worlds of their own.

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