GR Pick: ‘Legend of Zelda’ Mash-Up Recreates ‘Game of Thrones’ Intro

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When it comes to fan recreations it’s hard to top a really good mash-up. Whether it’s Star Trek recreated in Minecraft or BioShock’s opening remade using CryEngine, the fandom associated with these properties is unrivaled.

When it comes to picking just one mash-up we love some more than others, and Game of Thrones has been a hot topic as of late. HBO’s fantasy series took some time to develop a fan base, but once it did fans became ravenous. The success of the series has also helped spawn several video game adaptations, including the ongoing Game of Thrones episodic series from Telltale Games.

However, if there were one element of Game of Thrones that stands out among the rest it would be the show’s intro. Using a tilt shift perspective and a diorama feel, the Game of Thrones intro is just ripe for homage and parody, like The Legend of Zelda one we have featured today.

Where the HBO show’s intro features a diorama-like breakdown of the various locales in Westeros, this Legend of Zelda fan recreation uses Hyrule as its setting. More specifically, the video uses the overworld map from the first Legend of Zelda as its foundation.

From the music to the art style, this Game of ThronesThe Legend of Zelda mash-up is an incredible piece of work. It faithfully adapts the intro, but tries to add specific twists from Nintendo’s iconic franchise. In fact, if Nintendo does ever agree to that rumored The Legend of Zelda Netflix series – the one that was described as a family friendly version of Game of Thrones – we might be inclined to suggest this as an opening sequence. It’s unlikely HBO would be happy with that, though.

Zelda Mashup Game of Thrones Intro

Despite the long development time between The Legend of Zelda releases, Nintendo’s franchise has remained a pop culture staple and a compelling talking point for all these years. We’ve seen blacksmiths recreate the iconic Hylian Shield and Master Sword and watched as speed runners get through Ocarina of Time – arguably the longest Zelda adventure – in just a few minutes.

There’s something innately compelling about The Legend of Zelda that helps it transcend the traditional game label. Sure, casual consumers may not be able to name the hero of the series (hint: it’s not Zelda), but they recognize key elements from it.

Admittedly, this is not the first time we’ve seen a mash-up between Zelda and Game of Thrones, and it’s probably not the last. Still, pretty cool for a fan creation.

What do you think of this Legend of ZeldaGame of Thrones matchup?

Source: MegaSteakMan