Gamers have all done it: we see a character in a franchise that captures our imaginations and so begins the fan casting for the hypothetical live action movie or TV series. Sometimes it’s for our favorite games or for ones we find particularly fascinating, but whatever the reason there are pages upon pages of indexed, frequented, and in-depth discussion centering around which actors most closely resemble iconic game characters. Some studios even do the work for players, casting their protagonists in live-action trailers that hype up an upcoming game release.

The thing is, games like Grand Theft Auto and Batman: Arkham Knight feature characters that have a distinctly humanoid body type, founded in realism that makes them pretty easy to mimic in real life. When it comes to bringing more cartoonish or artistic characters to life, like those featured in
The Legend of Zelda, gamers are understandably a bit more hesitant in part due to some psychologically scarring earlier attempts.

Well, as it turns out, even video game directors fantasize about who should play their archetypal characters. Although there are no reports indicating that a live action Legend of Zelda TV series or movie is in the works, that hasn’t stopped the series’ co-director, Takashi Tezuka, from discussing who he’d want to see don the classic green and white garb. His response, however, was quite surprising.

“It would be very fun and awesome if Link was played by a female actress, a boyish female actress.”

Before the inevitable backlash stating that Link is definitely a male in the games, keep in mind that Nintendo has been exploring Link’s character design for years now, with rumors of a female Link in both Hyrule Warriors and the newest Legend of Zelda game having surfaced in the past year alone. Tezuka also directed A Link to the Past, which featured a lead character with pink hair, so Tezuka clearly isn’t afraid of messing around with what people perceive to be essential masculine traits in their lead hero.

The interview also featured Shigeru Miyamoto, who elaborated on why a live action interpretation of a Nintendo franchise would likely feature all fresh faces. Miyamoto explained:

“With Japanese TV drama and film they always use the same actors, so I actually think we should have someone completely new.”

That kind of philosophy, where new and talented upcomers are prioritized over established greats, is exactly the kind of approach Nintendo takes to its employees, and is why the company is constantly innovating for better or worse. It should come as no surprise, given their pedigree, that Miyamoto and Tezuka view their beloved creations as something that can be adapted and changed rather than strictly adhered to, if only they’d give a TV or movie studio a supervised chance to do so.

Who do you think should play Link in a live action film? Which games would make the best real life adaptations? Let us know in the comments.

Source: MTV