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There is a ton to do in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but providing a lot of content is the hallmark of any great game. It's no wonder, then, that the latest entry into the series is garnering universal acclaim.

However, there are so many things available to players that they are regularly too distracted with their massive to-do lists and walk right past certain quests or experiences without even knowing. 'Hyrule Homeowner' is one such quest that is often overlooked.

Link spends most of his journey in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild living as a nomad, hopping from town to town, traveling the world with no real place to call home since he awoke from his century-long power nap. Luckily, he can have his own little slice of Hyrule by purchasing a house just on the outskirts of Hateno Village. If he can cough up the Rupees, of course. What's more, the new residence can be furnished and souped-up with a bit more financing.

While a quest to obtain the Master Sword might sound more exciting than checking out the housing market, many will find it a pleasant reprieve from clearing shrines and battling monsters.

Buy a House

First, you'll want to make your way to Hateno Village, which is located in east Hyrule and just south of Mount Lanayru. You might remember Hateno for its part in the main story, or for its dye shop, which allows players to dye Link's clothing for some added personalization.

On the south side of Hateno Village, close to the Myahm Agana Shrine, are some newer looking model homes courtesy of Bolson Construction. Following further south, players will cross a wooden bridge to an old cottage. Arriving for the first time, you'll notice a construction crew busy at work outside. Seek out the foreman, Bolson, who will be behind the house overseeing the team. You will recognize him by his flamboyant attire.

Speak with Bolson and show interest in the house. He'll tell you that they had planned to tear it down, but he'd be happy to sell it to you for 50,000 rupees. Agree to pay the outrageous price and Bolson will be touched by your resolve, prompting him to present an alternative offer. This will initiate the Hylian Homeowner quest.

To buy the home, you'll need to bring Bolson 30 wood bundles and the severely reduced price of 3000 rupees.

Wood bundles can be gathered easily by cutting down tree, but getting the rupees together will require more of an effort.  Once the materials are given to Bolson, he'll hand over the keys to your new, permanent home in Hyrule.

Furnish Your New Home

Additional items can be purchased from Bolson for an additional fee of 100 rupees each. Simply talk to him after buying the home and he will offer to build additions to your house.

Weapon, bow and shield mounts can hold and display armaments. Bed, lighting, and a front door will spruce up the home to be more presentable. Finally, players can add a nameplate for the entrance, a flowerbed, or trees to add ambiance.

Fully upgrading your home by purchasing all the available additions will prompt Bolson to reward you with some extra furnishings, which will make the place feel much more homey. This will also officially finish the Hyrule Homeowner questline.

Owning a home in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn't going to help you save the world, but it's nice to have a sanctuary all your own. It certainly makes you feel like a part of Hyrule, as you're now officially one of its residing citizens. Plus, the bonus of having a free place to crash is convenient, and a little additional room to store items will be a boon for adventurers struggling with inventory space.

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