Left 4 Dead Dev Adding Stranger Things DLC to Face Your Fears

Left 4 Dead dev Stranger Things DLC Face Your Fears

Netflix hit Stranger Things has already inspired game developers a great deal, with Minecraft recently adding a Stranger Things skin pack. But it seems that devs just cannot get enough of the 80s-set TV show as yet another game has received some Stranger Things-themed DLC.

Turtle Rock Studios, the developer behind Left 4 Dead and Evolve, has announced that it has worked with Oculus and Netflix to design some Stranger Things content for its VR game Face Your Fears. Based on the "supernatural terror" of the show, the DLC is described as an "interactive adventure featuring an original storyline."

Turtle Rock explains that the new content will transport Face Your Fears players to Hawkins, Indiana (where Stranger Things is set) "where they’ll encounter a series of spine-tingling events in both the real world and its dark mirror, the Upside Down." Players will also find themselves fighting off Demogorgons as they desperately try to get back to the real world and survive the night. Available to download on Samsung Gear VR (via the Oculus store), Turtle Rock also confirms that the new DLC is totally free of charge.

Given the sheer creepiness of Stranger Things, VR game DLC is likely a good fit. Netflix has already created a 360-degree virtual reality experience for its hugely popular show but this actually lets fans be a part of the action. Face Your Fears is already based on making players face their phobias, and the Demogorgon is a terrifying enemy.

Fans of Turtle Rock have previously raised their eyebrows at the developer's VR developments, with some saying they would prefer it if the studio focused on more traditional releases. Although the developer is working on a first-person shooter game that it says will appeal to its core fans, players have yet to hear much about it. Instead, the developer has spoken about games like Face Your Fears and The Well, which is its newly released VR RPG.

Turtle Rock Studios clearly has a commitment to virtual reality games, whether that be releasing new downloadable content or making fully-fledged titles, and its VR developments may only grow as more people invest in virtual reality headsets. That may be disappointing for core fans, but great for those hoping for more things like this Stranger Things DLC.

Face Your Fears is out now on Samsung Gear VR.

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