Minecraft is still one of the most popular games on PC — even after being available for well over two years. The key to its success is the ongoing support that comes from the community surrounding it, and there’s no other company more familiar with that philosophy than Valve. That’s why it’s fitting that both companies will be teaming up to provide gamers who own the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft an opportunity to rep one of eight new skins based off of the survivors from Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.

Valve announced the soon-to-be-released crossover content on the official Left 4 Dead website, along with highlights from the recently released Cold Stream DLC for Left 4 Dead 2. The update is now available for PC and Mac users, but Xbox 360 owners are being left out in the cold for a little while longer.

The official website for the four-player zombie title first hyped the fan-made mod Deathcraft II for the PC version of Minecraft, jokingly suggesting that “you got your Minecraft in our Left 4 Dead.” Apparently having one spectacular mod in another company’s game was not enough for Valve though, as they then posted another news blip stating “we got our Left 4 Dead in your Minecraft.”

“Not content with having Minecraft in Left 4 Dead, we are putting Left 4 Dead in Minecraft. Next month, all 8 survivors will officially be available as characters in Minecraft for Xbox.”

What’s undoubtedly the best part about these character skins will be the ability for eight friends playing together simultaneously to each have a unique survivor to choose from. As for what we think about this crossover, well, there’s no better way to earn that title of ‘survivor’ than to survive in Minecraft‘s harsh, blocky landscape.

The cast of Left 4 Dead will be invading Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition at some point in August. There’s currently no price set for the character skins, but gamers can rest assured that they will almost definitely cost something.

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Source: Left 4 Dead