GR Pick: 9-Minute 'Left 4 Dead' Fan Film

Left 4 Dead Impulse 76 Fan Film

Join Louis, Francis, and Zoey, survivors of the classic post-apocalyptic shooter Left 4 Dead, as they are realized in a live-action 9-minute fan film. This more than well-made fan film does everything right, but one twist at the end may leave fans of the L4D series with a bad taste in the mouth.

It's not everyday that a fan film comes along with this kind of production value. The fact that they shot this over a weekend is incredible, but above all the practical effects and attention to detail with costumes, sets, sound design, and dialogue are astounding — the special effects are pretty great as well. This fan film brings all aspects of the Left 4 Dead series to life with hunters, tanks, smokers, boomers, and even a witch.

We've seen well-done, serious fan made films that stick to the main plot without going overboard with twists or silly left field surprises, including videos for Portal and Half-Life, but this one feels like it meets fans in the middle. Check out the Left 4 Dead fan film below with a small spoiler discussion afterwards:



Like an M. Night Shyamalan film, the twist implanted near the end will either heighten the enjoyment or kill it. The mood was set perfectly from the beginning right up to the point where Louis was about to bite the big one, but adding all of those iconic video game characters completely threw this film of its tracks.

Yes, it was pretty cool to see this mashup of Left 4 Dead alongside the likes of Halo, Modern Warfare, Gears of War, and Mortal Kombat, but was it worth killing the tone? Everything started off as a dark zombie survival film, but then when more games were introduced it turned into a giant Michael Bay action mashup explosion fest. There's a time and a place for fun fan films that embrace silly (Luigi's Mansion and Donkey Kong), but the direction this film was going should have stayed on course rather than throw in something random.

[End Spoilers]

Ranters, despite the end being fun, was the twist necessary or did it ruin the video?


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