Left 4 Dead DLC ‘The Sacrifice’ Trailer and Screen Shots Revealed

Left 4 Dead - The Sacrifice DLC Releases October 5

Left 4 Dead DLC The Sacrifice will be dropping onto consoles and PCs in less than a week, now Valve has released a trailer and screenshots to make our mouths water (for brains).

While the new screen shots are taken directly from the trailer, and don't provide much insight into the DLC for Xbox 360 and PC users, the trailer shows various impossible scenarios for our favorite zombie slayers. For those following along with the recently released Left 4 Dead comics on the other hand, they have a much closer look into the new campaigns. Personally I feel the comics have too many spoilers and will be waiting for the gameplay to make my sacrifice.


The trailer itself doesn't boast much about the new campaign, but we do know in addition to The Sacrifice, Left 4 Dead 2 users will also get the DLC campaign 'No Mercy', which was released earlier this year. It will also open five new achievements and the ability to play as the original crew, until you pick your sacrifice that is.

Scenes from the trailer also lead one to believe this may very well be one of the more difficult campaigns. Valve is not playing around with this one; at the very end of the trailer there are three tanks running full speed amongst a horde of the undead.

Now I'm not sure about you, but when the tanks theme music hits my surround sound, I run like hell. Occasionally you will get a fluke in game to cause more than one tank, but this time around they are very clearly being presented. Lastly, Bill should know better than throwing Molotov cocktails at a tank, which tends to speed them up.

Even though Tanks are the zombies' ultimate clean up crew, there is still one other zombie that can get me every time. For that the Jockey will forever scare me. As you can see in the new screen shot as well, the Jockey has one ugly mug and is by far the most evil zombie in the Left 4 Dead series.

While there has been no official news lately about Left 4 Dead coming to the Mac by way of Steam, at the very end of the trailer it does state the DLC will be available for OS X on October 5. Now this may simply have been a typo, or there very well may be an option to download Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam. As added evidence to this rumor, the L4D blog states The Sacrifice will be available on Mac as well.

Left 4 Dead's The Sacrifice will be available on October 5 in two separate Xbox 360 packages, one for the Left 4 Dead and the other for Left 4 Dead 2. Both packages will cost 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and be free to all PC gamers.

Whose funeral will you be attending?

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