Left 4 Dead DLC Campaign 'The Sacrifice' Coming October 5, "It's Your Funeral"

Left 4 Dead - The Sacrifice DLC Releases October 5

The next DLC campaign for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 is scheduled for release on October 5. While we may already know who dies in 'The Passing', 'The Sacrifice' will let you play out the events prior to the tragedy. There's a twist though, because The Sacrifice will let you choose which of your team makes the ultimate decision with its new style of finale, "Sacrificial Gameplay". Kind of an uninspired name for a feature included in a DLC campaign called The Sacrifice, but I guess it makes the point clear.

As a bonus, gamers with Left 4 Dead 2 will also be receiving 'No Mercy', a DLC campaign released for the original Left 4 Dead. The new L4D2 campaigns will both have the full regale of game modes (scavenger, versus, etc.) as well as all of the new infected and weapons that you've grown used to in the sequel.

Most gamers, as well as myself, have been salivating at the thought of finally playing through this well hyped campaign. The death of one of the original four survivors was extremely saddening, and surprisingly poignant considering the game's relatively fun disposition. It's hard not to wonder whether Valve will once again shed its arcade-like feel to develop the climax of The Sacrifice into an emotional scenario.

There is a surprising amount of personal investment that gamers have with these original four survivors. This has become increasingly apparent as Valve has released its The Sacrifice comic strip (parts one and two available right now), in which we see some of each character's back story. Specifically how they survived during the initial outbreak, which so far has been astonishingly dramatic. I'm almost as excited for parts three and four of the comic as I am for the actual game DLC.

Do you agree, Ranters? Have you been drawn into the lives of Louis, Bill, Zoey and Francis, just as I have? Or are you simply excited for some new challenges to play out in Left 4 Dead? One thing is for sure, after The Sacrifice is finished, one of our survivors is gone forever.

'The Sacrifice' DLC pack, which will be accessible in both the original Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, releases on October 5. PC gamers can download the campaign for free, but Xbox 360 gamers will have to pay 560 Microsoft Points.

Also check out the new poster for the DLC campaign:

Left 4 Dead - The Sacrifice DLC Poster
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