Left 4 Dead Devs Announce VR Game

Left 4 Dead developer VR game The Well

Turtle Rock Studios ended support for Evolve, its asymmetrical multiplayer game, almost a full year ago. Fans of the developer, which also created the original Left 4 Dead, have been eager to find out what the company has been up to since.

Today, the team behind Left 4 Dead finally revealed what it has been working on during the last year or so. The Well is Turtle Rock Studios' upcoming VR game, and it has been described as an "immersive fantasy RPG" that has "gorgeous art and unique visuals unlike anything seen in VR."

Set to be released later this month, The Well puts players in Tholl, which is a world that is "beyond your imagination." Players find themselves in this land after a figure called The Oracle summons them to defeat the Tesh – a demonic force hellbent on destroying the world and the "harmony" between its peaceful villagers and barbaric tribes. To take them down, The Well sees players recruit allies, uncover mysteries, and it will also feature plenty of opportunities for looting according to the announcement trailer below.

Turtle Rock has made several other virtual reality games, including Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit, but it calls The Well its "most ambitious" VR title so far. The studio also promises "hours" of gameplay, suggesting that this has been built for more hardcore and serious VR gamers rather than those taking a passing interest in the medium.

The Well will cost $10 when it is released later this month on the Samsung Gear VR. A mobile virtual reality headset, Gear VR is one of the most popular virtual reality devices on the market right now. It has sold over five million units, far outpacing the likes of PlayStation VR, the Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive. It's unclear if the game will come to these other VR headsets and platforms in future.

Although the developer seems to be quite committed to making VR experiences right now, the developer's future plans should cater more to its core fans than The Well does. Turtle Rock previously confirmed that it is working on a co-operative first-person shooter with dark fantasy elements, also revealing that this yet unnamed title will be released in 2018. So even if The Well doesn't quite appeal to those who've followed the studio since its Left 4 Dead days, then this other, upcoming game, should be a bit more on-brand.

 The Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios' new game, The Well, will be available on October 11 for Samsung Gear VR.

Source: The Well VR – YouTube

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