Alleged Left 4 Dead 3 Screenshots Leak


It has been quite a while since any information related to Left 4 Dead 3 has made the rounds on the Internet, with one of the more recent tidbits having been a rumor regarding a potential Left 4 Dead 3 teaser getting debunked as a fake about a year ago. Now, it looks as if fans of the first-person shooter survival-horror franchise potentially have something legitimate to pore over, with a cache of alleged screenshots from the third entry in the series having leaked online.

Thanks to a find from the YouTuber and Valve aficionado Tyler McVicker, 29 screenshots from Left 4 Dead 3 have hit the Web, with all of the images in question being dated around 2013 based on the files' metadata. In each of the screenshots top right-hand corners, there is an "all lighting" button, which can be found as a drop down menu in Source 2 - that is, a 3D video game engine from Valve - which adds evidence to the likelihood of the screenshots being legitimate.

According to McVicker, Left 4 Dead 3 was cancelled at some point in 2017, but the reasons for the project's cancellation is currently unclear at this point in time. With this being the case, there's a possibility that despite Left 4 Dead 3 being a highly anticipated video game sequel, it may not ever see the light of day.

What's more is that McVicker stated that Left 4 Dead developer Valve intended to have the third entry in the series include eight playable characters, with four of them being new, and the other four being returning characters from the previous titles. Apparently, all eight were going to have their own strengths and weaknesses that would make them operate similarly to heroes in a class-based shooter like Overwatch.

All things considered, while it appears as if Left 4 Dead 3 won't be coming any time soon, there's still hope on the horizon for a spiritual successor to fill the void of its absence in the near future. As it so happens, Turtle Rock Studios, the company behind Left 4 Dead, announced Back 4 Blood, which is going to be a brand new co-op zombie game for current- and next-gen consoles.

Left 4 Dead 3 has not been announced.

Source: Tyler McVicker - YouTube

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