Valve Celebrates Launch Of 'The Sacrifice' With Discounts to Both 'Left 4 Dead' Games

Left 4 Dead The Sacrifice

By now, almost everyone has heard of Valve's fan-favorite zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, available to both Xbox 360 and PC gamers. You may not know that fans of the series have been eagerly waiting the release of Valve's newest DLC offering, entitled 'The Sacrifice'. In a fantastic move for the franchise in terms of customer appreciation, the new content is offered for both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, making sure that every fan has the opportunity to take on the new campaign.

It had previously been announced that the content would be free for PC users, while those of us downloading the package for Xbox 360 would have to pony up 560 MS Points for each of them. This was a big disappointment to 360 users, and yet another justification of Valve's Gabe Newell's comments that seemed to point out just how much Xbox Live frustrated the developer. Since their roots lie solely in PCs, it's only natural that they would seek to treat their customers, on every console, to the same perks and service they are used to giving.

Now it seems that Xbox users have a little bit more to be angry about: Valve has announced that in celebration of 'The Sacrifice' being released, both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead will be receiving a 66% price drop for PC. So for less money than the DLC will set Xbox owners back ($7), players on PC (and now Mac!) will be able to download one of the games in its entirety.

This is fantastic news for the PC gamers out there, who now have the opportunity to pick up both installments of the game for only $10.20. And while it may be salt in the wound for Xbox owners, it does illustrate the constant field where modern console gaming is falling short. When PC gaming was getting all of the attention, DLC was a free bonus for those who had dished out the initial money for the original game. For many, the current "digital marketplace" for DLC seems like it's taking a step back, rather than advancing the medium.

At the end of the day, this is nothing new for console gamers and PC gamers, nor is it going to surprise anyone that Valve is making some of their customers very happy. Considering the new Mann-Conomy update for Team Fortress 2 is already generating revenue, we can hope that these discounts are just the beginning of more generosity to come. For PC players, anyway.

So if you have yet to pick up a copy of the zombie survival title, now is your chance to get on board. Or pick up a copy for a friend, since it's getting close to the holiday season. I'm curious as to how many of you get your fill of zombie-slaying on either platform, since that will definitely determine the way this news appears to you. So feel free to sound off in the comments below.

Left 4 Dead, and its DLC 'The Sacrifice' is available today on Xbox 360, PC, and Mac.

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