Left 4 Dead 2 Stream Crosser Achievement Unlocks Dead Air Campaign Early

Valve issued a challenge this past week to all owners of their zombie-survival game Left 4 Dead 2, and the community completed the challenge in record time.

The challenge in question was for Steam gamers to go through the Cold Stream campaign that is currently in beta and earn the ‘Stream Crosser’ achievement. If 20,000 gamers obtained the achievement then Valve promised to make the Dead Air chapter (which originally appeared in the first Left 4 Dead) available in Left 4 Dead 2 earlier than scheduled.

It was the official Left 4 Dead Blog that broke the news – announcing that enough gamers had chipped in to unlock the new content early. It’s pretty impressive how quickly the Steam community jumped into action – and subsequently scored an achievement, early content, and let’s not forget one of the highly sought after Steam Summer Camp prize tickets.

According to the blog, within 24 hours of issuing the challenge a whopping 60,774 individuals had already taken the initiative and unlocked “Stream Crosser.” So now that the community has accomplish this seemingly mundane task, when will they be able to reap the benefits of all of their hard labor and enjoy the Dead Air campaign? The chapter won’t be available right away, but Valve did confirm that it would arrive by July 22nd.

“Since you hit your mark, this means we are going to unlock Dead Air early. We are going to try and release it as early as possible but will release it on July 22nd the latest.”

The early-unlock incentive seems to have worked wonders for Valve, but hopefully Xbox 360 owners will eventually be able to enjoy Dead Air as well. However, if it does make its way to Microsoft’s home console it will undoubtedly cost some money… err… points. It seems that 360 owners will once again be left up a stream without a paddle.

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Source: Left 4 Dead Blog