One YouTuber pairs the brilliantly executed battle from the most recent episode of Game of Thrones with a classic gaming meme, converting drama into hilarity.

Outside of the realm of gaming, Game of Thrones has just had its sixth season penultimate episode, and it left fans awe-struck, in no small part due to the awesome battle scenes it contained. While most watchers were probably left in amazement, one gamer noticed a few similarities in the final battle to a classic gaming meme, and has edited a video combining the two to make it a reality.

It should be said that anyone who hasn’t seen the second-to-last episode of this season of Game of Thrones and still intends to do so shouldn’t view the video below, as it contains massive spoilers, and this article may give away some show secrets as well.

YouTuber The Blind Editor has taken the epic fight to take back Winterfell and mashed it together with the classic not-so-epic Leeroy Jenkins World of Warcraft battle. For those not in the know, the Leeroy Jenkins meme began as a video clip uploaded to the internet of a team taking on a high-level raid in World of Warcraft. While the majority of the team talked together to plan everything out before starting the final fight, the player known as Leeroy Jenkins was away, oblivious to the pending strategy. Upon returning to his computer, Leeroy Jenkins interrupted the planning, yelled his character’s name as a battle cry, and simply charged into the raid, ruining everyone’s elaborate plans. His team scrambled to cover him and implement whatever parts of the strategy they could, but Leeroy had already ruined any hope of following the plan, and ultimately caused a massive wipe of his now-enraged team.

For those who have seen the episode of Game of Thrones, chances are Leeroy Jenkins was the last thing most would think of, as Jon Snow had a far better reason for charging into battle than simply being AFK and getting chicken. That being said, seeing Jon Snow charge into battle Leeroy Jenkins-style and hearing Ser Davos and Tormund dubbed over with the despair and frustration of Leeroy’s bewildered teammates is outright hilarious.

Although the Leeroy Jenkins meme is over ten years old now, it still hasn’t faded away from gaming pop culture. Leeroy Jenkins actually made an appearance in Blizzard’s HearthstoneHeroes of Warcraft, and some still celebrate May 11th as Leeroy Jenkins day in honor of the day the video went live on the internet. Even celebrities are in on the meme, with Jamie Lee Curtis shouting “Leeroy Jenkins” as she attended the Warcraft film premiere in full cosplay.

Most gamers are probably not strangers to the Game of Thrones series, which has taken the world by storm and been converted into a game series by Telltale Games. While a creative gamer previously crossed Game of Thrones with The Legend of Zelda for an epic result, pairing one of the most laughable moments in gaming meme history with this epic episode is just plain funny and should amuse any gamer who enjoys the show.

Source: YouTube