Over the years, DotA has made a name for itself as one of the most popular and most expansive mods in gaming history. For those of you who are unaware, DotA stands for Defense Of The Ancients and is a mod created for Warcraft III. To put it simply, you take on the role of one of countless heroes and join a team hellbent on destroying the enemy team’s base. This takes place among three lanes where neutral mobs spawn, providing experience needed to level your hero.

Created by two of the people behind DotA, League Of Legends has acted as somewhat of a bearer of the torch that is DotA’s legacy. It has all the strategy and action you’d expect along with a massive cast of unique characters who provide vastly different styles of play.

Oh, did I forget to mention that it’s completely free? Each week, you are given a group of characters that will be free to play for that week. As you play, you will earn points that can be spent on permanently unlocking new characters and buffs. Players are also given the option of purchasing the game and receiving a package of characters unlocked right from the start, along with a starting allowance of points to be spent how you please. Regardless of how you wish to play, there’s something for everyone when it comes to League Of Legends.

Now, Mac gamers will get the chance to play this game and join in on the fun. According to the Riot blog, it’s now official. League Of Legends will be making its way onto the Mac platform sometime this summer. This version will be virtually identical to its PC counterpart, receiving all the same updates at the same time and allowing cross-platform play. While this may anger some PC gamers under the assumption that all Mac gamers are of the casual variety, I for one, can’t wait for this release as I’m tired of having to switch partitions every time I want to play.

Keep your eye on Game Rant for more news on League Of Legends’ Mac release as it becomes available. Expect to see a digital release sometime this summer.

Source: Riot