'League of Legends' Adds Bard Champion

League of Legends Bard Champion

League of Legends, or LOL to its friends, currently boasts a roster of 123 champions for players and is constantly growing. The game has succeeded largely as a result of its free to play model, which rotates the free characters available and only keeps cosmetic upgrades behind a paywall. The good news is as long as players spend time with the game, they will eventually unlock all of the champions and gameplay options.

Soon, there will be one more unit added to the rotation and for players to unlock. Riot Games today revealed the newest champion, The Wandering Caretaker, who dwells beyond the physical universe known to man. Despite that awe-inspiring description, though, he is known simply as Bard.

Gameplay differs slightly for League of Legends players who select Bard, as the character emphasizes mobility. The passive skill, Traveler’s Call, causes sacred chimes and meeps to form as Bard moves around the battlefield. Chimes provide experience, mana and a brief burst of movement speed. Meeps stay by Bard’s side until he targets an enemy, growing in their number and potency. During combat, a meep throws itself like a kamikaze pilot at the target dealing extra damage.

This means players who use Bard will need to move to where the next chime or meep appears in order to gain the most benefit. As a result, players may end up out of their designated lane, which can cause issues with an uncoordinated team. Strategies will need to be adjusted on the fly for Bard during battle, making communication key for the team’s success. Fortunately, he has abilities which accommodate his natural desire to move around the field.

League of Legends - Bard Abilities

For example, the Bard’s Shrine ability creates a health pack which regenerates allies health and increases their movement speed. The Shrine isn’t without its own risks, though, as enemies can destroy it by standing on the pack. This allows Bard to control the pace of battle by creating min-objectives for both teams because the Caretaker’s Shrine becomes a necessary spot for players to control. However, the Bard doesn’t need to stay around a Shrine for it to remain active, he can drop one off and chase the next chime.

His primary offensive spell, Cosmic Binding, releases spirit energy in a straight line damaging, penetrating and slowing the first target. Once it hits a wall, it will stun the target, but if it hits a second enemy, both will be stunned.

The last two skills require careful consideration before use, but highlight the importance of Bard’s movement. Magical Journey conjures a one-way portal on a wall to the other side, for both friend and foe. Tempered Fate, his ultimate attack, is an area of effect spell that places all minions, turrets, monsters and champions in stasis. These units are immune to damage until the effects wear off. Both can help for a quick escape from combat if the player has wandered too far from the rest of their allies.

League of Legends - Bard Teleport

It sounds like any who choose Bard will need to balance the risk and reward before casting these spells in order to determine if they will aid their team or the enemy more. Of course, this could turn Bard into the most popular champion of trolls as he betrays his assigned allies. Instead of placing his team in stasis, Bard could grant the benefit of invincibility to the enemy. Or conversely, Magical Journey could create a warp gate that leads the enemy team right into the camp. For now, though, Bard sounds like an intriguing addition to the League of Legends roster.

Are you excited for the release of a new champion? What allies do you think will pair well with Bard’s emphasis on movement? Let us know in the comments.

Source: League of Legends

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