League of Legends Season One Officially Launched, New Trailer

League of Legends Season One Launch

League of Legends Season One has officially begun! You can jump in-game as we speak and participate in a variety of ranked games, then view your position the next day after the databases have been updated.

Also included in Season One's release is a completely new UI re-haul. Gone is the old summoner profile, replaced by a new, streamlined version that makes it simple to access your stats, runes, masteries and match history.

Along with Season One's release, Riot Games put out a fun cinematic trailer which debuted on G4, you can check that out here:


I've played League of Legends for a while now, but Season One has renewed my passion for the game. The first match I played I was nervous and jittery, like a freshly installed noob. It was great feeling, up until one of my teammates disconnected, rejoined 6 levels later and proceeded to to feed. Not that my team needed any help at that point.

So for all of you aspiring League of Legends champions keep in mind that ranked matches has done little to improve the overall population's ability to play well. Those first few games will be especially dangerous. Still, if you continue to progress in ranking the new draft mode will absolutely improve the level of competition.

And what a difference the draft mode makes! I played a 3v3 premade, and we spend just as much time, if not more, figuring out who would captain and the champions we were aiming for. You see, unlike a tournament draft mode, the captain is required to pick their champion first. Thus, if you manage the draft so that you can get an excellent character for your team members you can't pick it for them. You either have to select it for yourself or risk the other team picking it.

As someone who has watched the draft process via streams before, actually participating in the selections was invigorating. I spent all day imagining the different champions I would aim for, but have only just been able to get some free time to play.

League of Legends Season One is looking to be great fun and a huge success. Do you play, Ranters? Are you climbing the ladders as we speak? If you're new, you really have to try it, so sign up here.

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