Layers of Fear 2: How to Get All 3 Different Endings

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Layers of Fear 2 is out now but only takes 6-10 hours to beat. However, the game features three different endings in order to support multiple playthroughs, but each ending requires players to fulfill a certain number of requirements to unlock it. Players will want to make sure to stay on top of these requirements, as they are not entirely straightforward, so here's how to unlock all 3 endings in Layers of Fear 2. It's also worth mentioning that this article could contain MINOR SPOILERS, but only where necessary.

Each ending is dependent upon the four key scenes that take place during each of the first four story acts, a fact that should not be surprising since the last Layers of Fear 2 trailer confirmed that players would be playing an actor. The Flame ending requires players to obey the director during each of the aforementioned scenes, whereas the Forever ending requires players to disobey the director in these key Layers of Fear 2 scenes. For the last one, the Formless ending, players have to obey and disobey the director twice.

While this sounds simple and straightforward, these scenes do not have clear instruction, so it's not always obvious when obeying and disobeying the director. When obtaining either the Flame or Forever ending, however, players can make a mistake during 1 scene, and it will not derail the ending. Some of these scenes are easier to decipher than others, but Layers of Fear 2 players will always know that they're coming up on a key scene by a RECORDING sign over the doorway.

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Layers of Fear 2: How to Get the Flame Ending

  • Act 1: Shoot the Mannequin on the right.
  • Act 2: 'Take it' from the Dog.
  • Act 3: Shoot the two puppets, one of them will need to be shot twice.
  • Act 4: Run away from the flames in the hallway.

Layers of Fear 2: How to Get the Forever Ending

  • Act 1: Shoot the Mannequin on the left.
  • Act 2: 'Give Up' on the Dog.
  • Act 3: Shoot Lily three times.
  • Act 4: Run INTO the flames in the hallway.

Layers of Fear 2: How to Get the Formless Ending

As aforementioned, the Formless ending is achieved by obeying the director in two scenes and disobeying him in the two others. It does not matter which two are obeyed or which two are disobeyed, but players will want to be mindful of which decisions they make to get this ending in Layers of Fear 2, a game that follows its predecessor as one of the scariest games on PS4 and Xbox One.

Layers of Fear 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: PS4 Trophies - YouTube

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