LawBreakers Trailer Shows Off New Gunslinger Character

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Boss Key Productions reveals a new trailer for LawBreakers during The Game Awards 2016 that shows off unique gravity-defying gameplay and a new character, Gunslinger.

The Game Awards 2016 was full of game announcements, and new trailers, and celebrations within the gaming industry. Among the many compelling trailers revealed during the event was a new gameplay trailer for LawBreakers, a fast-paced first-person shooter from Boss Key Productions.

The trailer shows off LawBreakers’ primary selling point – defying gravity – as characters swoop across the map, shooting and knifing each other into oblivion. While only a minute long, the trailer packs enough action to whet any FPS gamer’s appetite.

The impressive new trailer for LawBreakers can be seen below.


During The Game Awards, Cliff Bleszinski, co-founder of Boss Key Productions, introduced viewers to the trailer, which includes a glimpse at a newly revealed character, the Gunslinger. As the video shows, and as explained by Bleszinski, Gunslinger can use his duel-wielding pistols to both shoot down enemies, and traverse the map in gravity-defying brilliance.

Bleszinski also revealed that the LawBreakers beta will be coming in 2017, and interested PC gamers can sign up now for the beta on the game’s website. No release date has been set yet for either the beta or game, though Bleszinski confirmed that both will be happening next year.

LawBreakers looks to shake up the shooter genre by introducing new elements that cause players to take a more strategic approach to their run-and-gun adventures. Players will take on friends and strangers in beautiful futuristic America maps, where everything from the landscape to gravity itself have been altered and changed.

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Players will take on the role of either Law or Breakers. As the name suggests, the Law are the ones looking to uphold the civil laws of the land, while the Breakers are out for blood any way they can get it. At the moment, there is no single-player campaign planned for the game. Multiplayer will include multiple maps and game modes.

LawBreakers was first planned as a free-to-play title, but has since transitioned to a pay-to-play game on PC. After a public demo at 2016 PAX East, a handful of gamers were able to participate in alpha testing in April. Since then, Boss Key Productions has been quietly working on the title, and are now looking to open it up for a beta test in 2017.

What do you think of the LawBreakers trailer from The Game Awards? Are you excited for the shooter’s unique mechanics and gameplay?

LawBreakers is due out in 2017 on PC.

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