Affable game designer Cliff Bleszinski took to the stage at E3 2017’s PC Games Showcase to finally deliver the official release date for Lawbreakers, a game which has been in public eye for about two years now. Standing alongside popular eSports commentator Day9, Bleszinski acquiesced to a crowd-powered drumroll before delivering the news that Lawbreakers will be coming to PC and PlayStation 4 on August 8, 2017.

Although the price point of Lawbreakers had already been revealed, Bleszinski reiterated that the cost of the title would still come at a very reasonable $29.99, with the Boss Key studio head firmly stating there wouldn’t be any of “that $60 multiplayer online bull—-.” Obligatory shots at Overwatch aside, the game will be able to reach a smooth 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 4, a move console enthusiasts are sure to appreciate. Not bad at all for a title which was previously PC exclusive.

lawbreakers ps4 pc cross play is dumb

Despite the fact that Lawbreakers is launching on both PS4 and PC, gamers hoping for any cross-play compatibility between platforms are out of luck. In classic Cliff Bleszinski fashion, the studio head simply called the idea dumb and nixed it right from the get-go. At least year’s E3, we took a hands-on tour of the high-octane squad shooter and found it be a fun and fluid experience, and it should be delivering even more of the same now that Boss Key Productions has had a year to expand upon this existing content.

The PC Games Showcase has brought plenty of exciting gaming news for gamers around the globe, stretching beyond Lawbreakers to include things like a brand new game from the developers of Don’t Starve and a massive expansion pack for XCOM 2. It seems like Lawbreakers will have plenty of competition this August when the game is fully released, and whether the game will truly live up to its hype as an Overwatch competitor will then be determined – although Cliff Bleszinski went on the record to exemplify the differences between the titles.

Do you plan on picking up a copy of Lawbreakers this August, Ranters?

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Lawbreakers will arrive on August 8, 2017, for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitch (PC Gamer)