In a recent interview, Boss Key Productions founder, Cliff Bleszinski, details how his upcoming game LawBreakers is going to stand out from similar shooters like Overwatch.

After teasing out content for an extended period of time, E3 2016 was a sort of coming out party for the gravity defying multiplayer shooter LawBreakers. The game not only detailed a new multiplayer map and mode, but it also pulled the curtain back on gameplay and a gradual release roadmap, giving fans a look at when they can get their hands on the title. One thing that Cliff Bleszinski’s team at Boss Key Productions can’t seem to escape however is comparisons to another recently released shooter, Overwatch.

In an interview at the event, Bleszinski tackled the subject head on, revealing a number of key differences between the two shooters outside of the fact that they both have distinct characters to pick from and guns. Visually, both games are sporting a distinct art style, with Overwatch relying on vibrant colors and heavily stylized characters. On the other hand, LawBreakers is going for a grittier look, relying on a less is more approach in terms of the number of characters that will be available at launch.

Outside of the visual aesthetics, Boss Key Productions is working hard to ensure that players are not penalized for their character selection, unlike the rock, paper, scissors approach to Overwatch. According to Bleszinski, LawBreakers rewards skill in that a player who knows what they’re doing is capable of taking out an entire team.

He also goes on to promise that one of the core pillars of the game is to be a shooter first and foremost, removing character abilities that stun or freeze, to allow the momentum and flow of a match to dictate gameplay. It’s clear based on his comments that Bleszinski is utilizing his experience having worked at a studio like Epic Games who helped create and produce various shooters as well like Unreal, Gears of War, and Bulletstorm.

LawBreakers has been in development going on two years, but was finally revealed to the public late last year showing off a familiar fast paced, team shooter centered around player skill. Set in the future, players will step into the role of either law enforcer or criminal and duel it out across maps that stress verticality and feature pockets of low gravity areas, that let players perform some crazy moves in mid air.

How are you feeling about LawBreakers so far? With a more budget friendly price, are you planning to check out the game when it hits early access later this year?

LawBreakers is tentatively scheduled for release for PC sometime in 2016, with early access arriving on Steam later this year.

Source: Eurogamer YouTube