LawBreakers is less than a month out from its August 8 launch, but Boss Key is already focusing on the future of its online multiplayer arena shooter. This week, the studio released a “Content Roadmap Preview” looking at Q4 of 2017, which will be spent developing maps, features, a Ranked Mode, a new class, and more. Players can expect those additions will be added to LawBreakers in that order, though plans can always change.

In addition to the content roadmap, Boss Key revealed the names of its two upcoming maps, Namsan and Gateway. Namsan refers to the South Korean setting but with a LawBreakers spin but Gateway remains mysterious.

The all new feature is named Skirmishes, and could be a free-for-all mode, and the ranked mode is branded as Boss Leagues. Boss Leagues will add a core competitive environment to LawBreakers that has previously been lacking, potentially even leading to a budding eSports scene. Finally, the new class is only shown in profile.

The Q4 2017 content roadmap plans its start in September, so the new maps or even more could arrive before the end of the month.

Along with the content roadmap, the infographic from Boss Key also clarified LawBreakers‘ monetization plans going forward. An asterisked sentence at the bottom of the roadmap clarifies that, “All future gameplay content is included free with LawBreakers.” That includes new Stash-Drop items, iterative features, and updates. It’s similar to Overwatch in its monetization strategy of charging a premium for the game itself and then offering loot boxes for post-launch monetization.

It’s not clear if Boss Key felt like there was some misinformation circulating regarding LawBreakers‘ monetization or if the studio just wanted to reiterate the game’s plans as part of the roadmap. Either way, some additional clarification certainly can’t hurt.

LawBreakers is still hunting for that breakaway moment – the spark that drives energy towards the game. Early numbers reportedly aren’t great, but so long as LawBreakers keeps delivering content like it’s promising, the game should have every opportunity to be successful.

LawBreakers is available now on PC.