Cliff Bleszinski takes to the stage at the PC Gaming Show to show off a new trailer for Lawbreakers, his upcoming Steam exclusive multiplayer action title.

Cliff Bleszinski took to the stage at the PC Gaming Show earlier today to show off a new trailer for Lawbreakers, the game his recently founded studio Boss Key Productions has been working on the last year or so. The latest Lawbreakers trailer shows off a new Santa Monica-based map called Promenade, and also brings the news that a closed alpha beta will start later this month and get a second batch of players this August.

Lawbreakers initially started out as a free-to-play title, before the studio switched directions and announced that it would exclusively launch on Steam. The latest trailer shows off plenty of zero-gravity combat, which will allow players to fly and grapple their way around the map at high speeds previously not possible in the title. The aerial combat in the trailer below shows plenty of kills with both bazooka and blade, prompting Lawbreakers to look like a pretty fun-looking title, even if the market for similar games is pretty saturated right now.

Without further ado, here’s a look at the promenade trailer for Lawbreakers:

The colorful and fast-paced gameplay will seem familiar to fans of Overwatch, which will certainly be the game’s biggest competition once it releases. Even Battleborn dropped its price by 50% ahead of the release of Overwatch, which is currently dominating the market thanks to its spectacular focus on teamwork.

If Boss Key Productions manages to replicate even half the success that Overwatch has achieved, the title will be an undoubted success. In any event, Cliff Bleszinski has stated that he wants to pen one or two more games before he retires to focus full-time on parenthood. The industry veteran has seen massive success with franchises like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, which is a stellar track record of game releases – conversely, it leaves Lawbreakers with very big shoes to fill.

The producers filled up 5,000 slots today for the Lawbreakers closed alpha, and are no longer taking submissions. The closed alpha will start on June 18, with a second batch of players being included in late August, slightly before the game is scheduled to arrive on Steam Early Access. We’ll keep you posted when the roll call for this second batch of volunteers takes place, so that those interested in testing out Lawbreakers will have a chance to do so.

Lawbreakers will arrive for Steam Early Access on PC sometime after August 2016.