LawBreakers Plans To Compete and Co-Exist With Overwatch

The competitive shooter market certainly is a crowded one at the moment with games like Team Fortress 2, Battleborn, and Paladins, though the real king of the castle right now is Blizzard's latest IP, Overwatch. Cliff Bleszinski's upcoming shooter LawBreakers from his is new studio, Boss Key Productions, fits inside of that shooter mold as well. In a recent interview,  the industry veteran is responding to the comparisons and detailing how the game has changed since its alpha test last year.

While the former Gears of War designer has fielded comparison questions like this before, Bleszinski isn't surprised at the comparisons stating that people tend to place things in buckets, even if certain elements need to be stretched to fit. He went on to detail a story in which a user on Instagram left a comment accusing the LawBreaker characters Maverick and Tosska, two female jetpack and gatling gun weilders, were essentially D.Va clones.

While neither Overwatch or LawBreakers are the first to just jump pads or heal beams, Cliff points out that the video game industry is constantly borrowing from one another even when players aren't immediately aware of it. As he puts it, pattern matching is something he's been dealing with his entire career especially while working on shooter types like Unreal, Gears of War, and more.

"The human mind loves to pattern-match. It’s a survival technique. It’s like, ‘Oh, see that big bear over there? It ate my friend.’ And then you meet a new bear and you’re like, ‘Oh, my god! This bear is going to eat me because it ate my friend.’"

Later in the interview, Bleszinski went on to admit that he was happy to see how much success Overwatch has achieved because it validates character-driven, first-person shooters as a viable genre. As he put it, if Overwatch is Coke, then Bleszinski would be more than happy to be Pepsi or RC Cola.

"So it’s just a fascinating thing for me to watch, kind of like, that cycle of gamers assuming that because Overwatch did something they were the first to ever do it. And you’re like, ‘Eh, not necessarily, there’s been other games with heal beams.’"

Curious players regarding this PC only shooter won't have too much longer to wait as Boss Key is preparing to kick off a closed beta period later this week starting on March 16. The weekend testing session includes new characters, more weapons, and an additional map previously not seen in last year's alpha session.

LawBreakers launches exclusively for the PC something later in 2017.

Source: DualShockers

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